Mountains : Films

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  • Mount Kenya

    2 May 2001

    In the foothills of Mount Kenya they fight elephants with fire: farmers sitting up at night, flaming torches to hand, ready to drive off the wild elephants threatening their crops.

  • Nature be Damned

    2 May 2001

    Obscured by the bribery and corruption headlines surrounding Africa's biggest civil engineering project - the construction of the Katse andMohale dams in the Lesotho Highlands Water Project - has been the sorry fate of an indigenous people.

  • China Roadshow

    2 May 2001

    For centuries the rivers and plains and basins of China have experienced periodic floods, but in 1998 several river systems overflowed at the same time. Over one million people lost their homes, and more than 3 and a half thousand people lost their lives.

  • Back to the Future

    2 May 2001

    Under the Incas, the slopes of the Peruvian Andes supported twice as many people as today. The explanation lies in a complex irrigation system that fell into disuse after the European conquest....but not entirely.

  • Earth Report Series 1

    2 May 2001

    There are three films in TVE's Earth Report 1 series which deal with mountain issues.

  • Holding up the Himalayas

    2 May 2001

    The Himalayas experience some of the highest rates of erosion in the world, made worse by widespread deforestation. The resulting landslides endanger life, cause disruption and damage property.