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  • UN study reveals scale of crisis facing mountain regions

    26 February 2002

    The huge scale of problems facing mountain ecosystems - home to 600 million people and source of water for half the world's population - is revealed in a new study to coincide with the start of the UN Year of the Mountains, 2002.

  • Mountain voices

    26 November 2001

    The Panos Institute (London) has launched a unique online archive of in-depth interviews communicating the views and experiences of people living in mountain communities around the world.

  • Australia's declining alpine regions

    18 June 2001

    In an early warning to the rest of the world, Australia's snowy alpine regions are shrinking and could disappear in 70 years because of global warming, Australian scientists say.

  • Kilimanjaro's melting cap

    18 April 2001

    Mount Kilimanjaro has lost one third of its ice fields in the last two decades and the rest of its ice could disappear by 2015, says American scientist, Professor Lonnie Thompson.