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  • United Nations Urban Management Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean

    8 August 2001

  • United Nations Population Division

    7 August 2001

    The UN Population Division produces the most comprehensive and widely used international compendium of urban statistics which is updated every two years. The latest compendium is available to view or print; see:

  • Earthscan Publications

    7 August 2001

    Earthscan have many recent and new books on different aspects of urbanization and urban development and its web site allows some chapters to viewed free.

  • Environment and Urbanization

    7 August 2001

    The journal Environment and Urbanization published by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has the most detailed coverage of urban environmental problems in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many of its issues can be accessed free at the above website address. Extracts from the latest issue of the journal are also available from

  • Human Settlements Programme - IIED

    7 August 2001

    From September 2001, IIED's Human Settlements Programme will have a series of papers on innovative local agenda 21s and other environmental initiatives in cities that can be downloaded at no charge.

  • Centre for Science and Environment

    7 August 2001

    CSE in India produces publications with among the most detailed descriptions of the scale and range of urban (and rural) environmental problems. Their web page has many interesting articles and features.

  • International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

    7 August 2001

    ICLEI has many publications of relevance to environment and sustainable development and cities, as well as case studies of innovative local government action and guides to local government action.

  • UNCHS - Best Practices

    7 August 2001

    This searchable database contains over 1100 solutions from more than 120 countries to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates practical ways in which communities, governments and the private sector can work together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment and support economic development.

  • Journals on urban issues

    7 August 2001

    Five journals often have papers on urban environmental issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America and their web-sites include some issues that can be accessed free: Local Environment, published by CarfaxUrban Studies, published by Carfax. Third World Planning Review, published by Liverpool University Press. Industry and Environment, published by the UN Environment Programme.Habitat International, published by Pergamon

  • UNCHS Habitat (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements)

    19 June 2001

    This re-designed website is now fully database driven and searchable by text and keywords, and contains interactive features. It includes a publications catalogue, feedback forms, a discussion forum and automatic subscriptions to mailing lists. The site also contains information on the Istanbul+5 Special Session of the General Assembly, including reports and documentation, and information for the media.