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  • Beijing's Rapid Transit Line puts cars in their place

    13 March 2006

    The opening of Beijing's 16- kilometre Rapid Transit bus system has begun to transform communications in that crowded city, says Yingling Liu, and is a sign that the Chinese Government has now accepted the merits of public transport.

  • Aiming for zero garbage in India's cities

    16 February 2006

    India's urban population is growing fast. It is also consuming more. And the more people have the more they seem to waste, says the Indian NGO Toxic Link. Here Chitra Balasubramanian reports from Delhi on some successful efforts to deal with the problem.

  • Bogotá's green revolution

    4 August 2005

    Half the world now lives in cities and two-thirds of its population, mainly from developing countries, are set to become urban dwellers by 2030. In facing up to this reality, former mayor of the Colombian capital of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa, describes how a green revolution is helping to transform this developing country city into a more liveable place, providing a better quality of life for its residents.

  • Harare descends into chaos

    19 May 2005

    The vital role of governments in providing clean water and sewage services to towns and cities is highlighted in this report from Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, where sewage and rotting garbage litter the streets as services and infrastructure continue to crumble. Dzikamai Chidyausiku reports.

  • Suburban sprawl rolling over imperiled wildlife

    17 January 2005

    The rapid conversion of American open space and farmland into subdivisions, shopping centers, roads and parking lots has emerged as a leading threat to the nation's biodiversity and animals, environmentalists say.

  • COMMENTARY: Cars, more cars

    13 December 2004

    The explosion of cars in India's cities, and the neglect of public transport, is creating mayhem that can only get worse unless there is a change in the government's priorities says Sunita Narain, writing in Down to Earth the journal of the Delhi-based Centre for Science and the Environment (CSE). Here is a slightly shortened version of her editorial.

  • Homing in, bottom up

    22 September 2004

    David Satterthwaite reports on how slumdwellers and the homeless are helping themselves to a better quality of life.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Turning shacks into 'mansions' in South Africa

    1 June 2004

    A women's housing co-operative in Ivory Park, South Africa, has become a beacon to shanty dwellers, providing some hope for the country's massive housing problem, as Pia Diaz reports.

  • Nairobi's silent majority fights back

    11 May 2004

    When the ruling National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) government came into power in December 2002 after ousting the despotic regime of former President Daniel arap Moi, it vowed to, among other things, ensure that Kenya's growing urban poor would have access to adequate housing. But a recent spate of evictions and demolitions in Kenya's capital city Nairobi has raised questions about the sincerity of the new government's pledges, as Rasna Warah reports.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Eco-friendly living made easy

    14 April 2004

    Julie and Rob Starsmore had no intention of moving from their flat in a regular housing development just outside London. But that was before visiting BedZED - a new "eco-village" in the UK that gives residents a high standard of living and at the same time reduces their impact on the Earth's environment. Emma Duncan reports.