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  • Greenspace for Scottish towns and cities

    6 March 2003

    Town and city dwellers living in Scotland will become happier, healthier and live longer through improved access to quality greenspace, according to a new Scottish body.

  • Can people-power save the cities?

    17 June 2002

    Six years on from the United Nations City Summit in Istanbul in 1996, the global urban crisis has accelerated and while numbers keep growing many cities are still unable to provide even basic services to all their citizens. A new report questions whether people-power can counter growing poverty, ethnic and racial violence, crime, homelessness and environmental degradation in urban areas.

  • New centre to tackle urban transport

    17 June 2002

    The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Shell Foundation have established a $7.5 million centre to to help solve problems of urban transport

  • Asia's swelling cities

    30 July 2001

    A recent UN report warns that environmental degradation in rural areas of Asia might force 800 million people in the region to migrate to cities over the next 20 years.

  • City trees

    18 July 2001

    The London-based non-governmental organisation BioRegional Development Group was founded on the green ideal of local production for local needs. Now it has launched a pioneer urban forestry programme, which is setting an example to other cities.

  • Curbing sprawl to fight climate change

    19 June 2001

    If governments do not act quickly to discourage the building of cities for cars, the international effort to control global warming will become much more difficult, warns a new study by the Worldwatch Institute.

  • Urban poor facing increasing malnutrition, FAO warns

    14 June 2001

    Most cities in developing countries face the prospect of increased malnutrition and health risks if they do not improve people's access to adequate and safe food, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).