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  • Chennai battles for sustainable transport

    21 February 2006

    Chennai, formerly Madras, on the Coromandel Coast of southern India, has grown into a metropolitan city of 7 million people. It is also the scene of a major campaign to oppose the decision by the State Government of Tamil Nadu to solve the city's transport problem by building a 300 km monorail. The campaign's plea for a transport system that meets the needs of all the people will be echoed in cities around the world.

  • Beijing OKs electric bicycles

    25 January 2006

    The Chinese capital has removed the ban on electric bicycles to ease city traffic, which have become increasingly congested due to fast rising numbers of cars on the road.

  • China plans for greenest Olympic games

    18 November 2005

    An agreement aimed a making the summer Olympics of 2008 environmentally-friendly was signed today by the UN nvironment Programme (UNEP) and the Beijing Organising Committee.

  • Rentabike moves up a gear from curiosity to runaway success

    20 August 2005

    The French are not short of groundbreaking cheap and efficient public transport. But now the Paris Metro and the high-speed TGV have a more humble, although no less hi-tech, equal - the Lyon rentabike.

  • UN report celebrates multicultural cities

    17 September 2004

    The world's urban population is projected to nearly double from 2.86 billion in 2000 to 4.98 billion by 2030, partly from the flow of international migrants, resulting in increased multiculturalism which should be celebrated and not feared, says a UN cities report.

  • Sweltering Tokyo tries to go green

    28 July 2004

    Cast your gaze in the right direction and you could be standing in the middle of a rice paddy or a rose garden. But glance upwards and the idyll is shattered. This is not a horticultural show, but a tiny oasis of verdant calm in central Tokyo.

  • 'Deprived areas suffer most from pollution', says expert

    29 January 2004

    People living in the most deprived areas of England are more likely to suffer the effects of pollution, says a leading expert from Staffordshire University.

  • Nearly 80 per cent of world's urban poorest live in slums

    6 October 2003

    Over 900 million people - almost one in three of the world's urban population - are slum dwellers, and in 30 years' time that number is likely to double to 2 billion, unless serious action is taken, according to UN-Habitat's new report The Challenge of Slums: Global Report on Human Settlements 2003.

  • Ethiopia's urban population booms

    31 March 2003

    Ethiopia is experiencing a big increase in its urban population as families, faced with drought and food shoretages, move from the countryside to the towns and cities.

  • Urban water crisis badly neglected

    18 March 2003

    The United Nations' wish to halve the number of deaths from people having no access to clean water by 2015 is massively unrealistic, says David Satterwaite, an expert on urban settlements, in a new report for the UN.