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  • Environmental Health Project

    8 August 2001

    This organisation has many publications on water, sanitation, indoor air pollution and other aspects of environmental health, many of which are available electronically from its website.

  • WWF's European Fresh Water Programme

    11 May 2001

    This website contains news, information and background documents on the conservation, restoration and sustainable development of Europe's freshwater ecosystems.

  • Nile Basin Societ

    8 May 2001

    The NBS seeks to increase awareness of the Nile River water crisis and to promote sustainable water use in the region.

  • World Water Day - WHO

    12 April 2001

    This website hosted by the World Health Organisation provides water-related articles, disease factsheets, news, photos, links.

  • InterWATER

    12 April 2001

    InterWATER offers information about more than 650 organisations and networks in the water supply and sanitation sector, related to developing countries.

  • KeyWATER

    13 March 2001

    Launched at World Water Day in March 1999, KeyWATER offers 851 information articles dedicated to all water-environment issues.

  • Freshwaters Initiative, The Nature Conservancy

    13 March 2001

    The aim of The Nature Conservancy's Freshwater Initiative is to increase freshwater conservation in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Its website includes information on water and science issues, links, news, software and their projects.

  • FAO - Water Resources, Development and Management Service

    16 January 2001

    The Water Resources, Development and Management Service of FAO is concerned with the efficient use, quality and conservation of water resources in agriculture and rural development. This area of FAO's website contains useful information on irrigation, water management, FAO's field projects and on-line publications.

  • The World Water Council

    16 January 2001

    An International water policy think-tank set up following the recommendations of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. The Council aims to promote awareness of critical water issues, efficient use, conservation and management of water. It's website includes news, publications, reports, links and information on activities and events relating to water issues.

  • Water World

    16 January 2001

    This gateway provides access to technical, legal, and economic information relating to water. It is designed to provide water professionals with information regarding all facets of the water research and regulatory community.