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  • International Year of Freshwater 2003

    20 December 2002

    This special website for the Year provides extensive links to information materials, reports and planned activities and events around the world, by United Nations agencies, governments, and non-governmental and private sector partners.

  • Third World Network

    22 May 2002

    TWN, based in Malaysia, is an international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South relations. Its website contains a wealth of information on trade, environment, human and women's rights issues, from a broad developing world perspective. It also includes publications, papers, action alerts and UN statements.

  • Cities Environment Reports on the Internet

    17 April 2002

    Cities Environment Reports on the Internet acts as a gateway for information on the urban environment. The website includes reports from cities around the world, news, resources, activities and links.

  • Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)

    17 April 2002

    WEDC, based at Loughborough University in the UK, is one of the world's leading institutions concerned with education, training, research, and consultancy relating to the planning, provision, and management of infrastructure for development in low- and middle-income countries. Its activities seek to improve the health and well-being of people living in both rural areas and urban communities.

  • WaterAid

    12 April 2002

    WaterAid is a UK charity working with communities in Africa and Asia to provide themselves with a safe water supply and adequate sanitation. Its colourful and concise website includes a photogallery, an education section for teachers and pupils and research reports.

  • Water Supply and Sanitation Programme

    12 April 2002

    WSP is an international partnership of the world's leading development agencies which seeks to help the poor gain sustained access to improved water and sanitation services. It is managed through a head office in Washington, D.C. and four regional offices in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Andean Region. Its website includes information on water-short regions, its activities, focus areas, publications, videos and links.

  • World Water Forum

    7 March 2002

    The World Water Forum, held every three years, was created to address the world's growing water crisis which is impacting on agriculture, industry, the environment and urban life. A unique project called "Water Voice Messenger" has been initiated by the World Water Forum. 10,000 volunteers are being sought to gather opinions on water problems and solutions from around the world. Organisers of the Forum expect at least 100,000 submissions - already 700 have been received. These can be read at the Forum's website.

  • UNEP.Net Freshwater Portal

    22 January 2002

    This online gateway to information about freshwater is an extensive catalogue of resources ranging from documents, to databases, to maps and graphics, covering the most critical freshwater issues of the day: water scarcity, irrigated agriculture, water and sanitation, water quality, groundwater, transboundary water management, water and ecosystems, floods and droughts, and urban water.

  • International Water Management Institute

    15 October 2001

    IWMI produces tools and methods to help improve management of water and land resources, to ensure food security and eradicate poverty. Its website includes a wealth of information on water issues and themes, publications and an on-line library.

  • UN Human Development Report

    27 September 2001

    The annual Human Development Report published by the UN Development Programme contains several indices to measure different aspects of human development, including economic and educational performance, life expectancy, aid and debt, gender inequality, crime, demographic trends, poverty and more. A bible for those interested in all aspects of development.