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  • Pipe dreams for Spain's water

    18 July 2002

    The Spanish government's plans to pipe water from the north of the country to the south goes firmly against the EU's principles of sustainable development and environmental responsibility, says Guy Beaufoy in this commentary from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

  • Water of strife

    16 April 2002

    The heavily polluted river that flows through Bangladesh's capital city, Dhaka, holds the key to life or death for 10 million people. John Vidal meets the expert who can claim to have the most difficult job in the Indian sub-continent

  • Water crisis 'already here'

    15 April 2002

    If the world fought for oil in the 20th century, the war will be about water in the 21st century. So says Dick de Jong, advocacy officer of the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre based in Delft, The Netherlands.

  • Rivers 1. Cleaning up the Nairobi River

    15 June 2001

    The Nairobi River, one of the most polluted in Kenya, is the focus of a clean-up campaign by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) which is based in the city.

  • 4. Lake Baikal: a threatened jewel

    14 June 2001

  • Country report - 3. Nepal

    24 April 2001

    Nepal's pipe dream

    Work has begun on a plan to pipe water from Nepal's mountains down to the Kathmandu Valley. But some local water engineers regard the whole scheme as an unrealistic 'love affair' with foreign dollars and inappropriate technology, as Susan Simone reports in this personal reflection on the city's water crisis.

  • Toilet training

    1 March 2001

    Joseph Jenkins, the author of Humanure Handbook, divides societies into two catergories: "Those who shit in their drinking water and those who don't. We, in the Western world are in the former class." Gar Smith reports.

  • Ancient lessons for modern irrigation

    6 February 2001

    One of the lessons of history is that most irrigation-based civilisations fall. So at the start of the Third Millennium - when irrigation is more essential than ever - will our civilisation fare any better? That is the question posed by Sandra Postel in her latest book Pillar of Sand, from which this article is drawn.

  • Country report - 2. India

    31 January 2001

    Clean water - a huge prize for India

    Behind India's water crisis lie the twin problems of poor management and rapidly-growing demand from a rising population. Here Anjani Kanna reveals the true scale of the challenge.

  • Country report - 4. France

    26 January 2001

    France's toxic water

    A study, carried out for the WWF by the eminent Professor Lefeuvre from the Paris Natural History Museum, has set out the full extent of the alarming decline of water quality by pollution from nitrates and pesticides. Sally Zalewski reports.