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  • Water - for money or for people?

    8 September 2004

    Global water consumption is increasing at more than twice the rate of population growth. Such is the precious resource that water has become that many companies, like the French company Vivendi, are cashing in on this commodity, earning the company over US$12 billion in revenue in 2002. But concern is now growing over the privatisation of this natural resource in the developing world by Western private water companies. This has left many of the world's poorest cut off from water supplies as a result of the high charges imposed. Darryl D’Monte reports on this disturbing trend.

  • Bringing hope to the Dead Sea

    7 July 2004

    Behind the headlines of Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East, a grassroots non-profit group comprised of Jordanian, Israeli, and Palestinian environmentalists is working to save the shrinking Dead Sea. In the process, it is providing an example of successful transboundary co-operation within a land of seemingly relentless strife.

  • Kali River fouled by paper mill effluent

    29 June 2004

    One of the world's best preserved biospheres is facing one serious threat from a paper manufacturing unit and another from the government of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

  • Last SOS for Dal Lake

    8 June 2004

    The world-famous Dal lake, one of the world's largest natural lakes, is dying. Once heart-wrenchingly beautiful, the lake today takes in all the city's sewage. But despite the resulting contamination and disappearing aquatic life, efforts are being made to save this jewel of nature, as Prakriiti Gupta reports.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Crying a river for water in the Philippines

    28 April 2004

    In the village of Cebulin, daily life is usually hard - more so for women - because most people depend on upland farming. But today, the women of Cebulin (on the northern coast of Mindanao Island) have more than one reason to celebrate. After crying a river, they set up a water supply system, and improved their lives in many ways. Chona Lasaca-Mapano reports.

  • Dammed and dying: The Mekong and its communities face a bleak future

    23 April 2004

    One of the world's greatest rivers has been reduced to a trickle in places by a series of giant Chinese dams and engineering works which are threatening the livelihoods of up to 100 million people in south-east Asia.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Life returns to Mauritania's Diawling Delta

    19 March 2004

    The restoration of the Diawling delta in Mauritania over the past eleven years has improved the livelihoods of its inhabitants by bringing back the biodiversity that was once lost.

  • SUCCESS STORY: India pilots a new approach to water

    10 February 2004

    Maharashtra is the first state in India to attempt to reform the supply of water and sanitation by encouraging village bodies to manage the improvements. Since the year 2000 over 100 villages in each of four districts have asked to join a pilot scheme, with encouraging results. Now the World Bank is supporting an extension of this approach to 26 of Maharashtra's 33 districts. Meena Menon visited some villages to see how things have turned out.

  • 6. Lake Victoria: a sick giant

    6 January 2004

    Lake Victoria was 'discovered' in 1858 by the British explorer John Speke, after months of braving dense forests and tropical diseases in his search for the source of the Nile. But now the Lake is in poor health, and the livelihood of the communities round it is threatened. Nancy Chege, explains what has caused the trouble and what can be done to save the Lake.

  • Pakistan's largest lake fights for survival

    23 July 2003

    With a population of 145 million, projected to more than double by 2050, Pakistan is very dependent on a healthy water supply. But its irrigated land is plagued with spreading salinity, and its freshwater lakes are choking to death on polluted effluent and sewage. One example is the Manchar, Pakistan's largest freshwater lake. Mohammad Shehzad reports.