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  • Sri Lanka adopts water harvesting policy

    19 September 2007

    Sri Lanka has become the first country in the world to have anational policy on rainwater harvesting, adapting a centuries old tradition of rainwater storage. Vijita Fernando reports.

  • Dam builders line up again to tame the Mekong

    6 September 2007

    The magnificent Mekong River, life-blood of Southeast Asia,is under renewed pressure from governments, banks and foreign investors, who are keen to build yet more dams to boost the region's energy supply. But that could severely damage one of the world's most productive fisheries, providing the 60 million people of the river basin with around 80 per cent of their protein needs and much the their vital calcium. Here Aviva Imhof explains the threat the people of the river are facing and introduces extracts from a special report by the International River Network (IRN).

  • Falling water tables threaten grain harvests

    8 August 2007

    As China's farmers sink their pumps ever lower and aquifers begin to run dry grain harvests could be in serious trouble says Lester Brown in this wide-ranging report on the problem.

  • Delhi's dirty Yamuna river getting dirtier

    25 April 2007

    The Yamuna is one of India's holy rivers, passing Krishna's play ground and feeding the mighty Ganges. But despite the fortune that has been spent trying to clean its passage through Delhi, it remains dirtier than ever, says one of India's leading environmental pressure groups.

  • Price of water rising around the world

    8 March 2007

    The price of water is increasing - sometimes dramatically - throughout the world. Over the past five years, municipal water rates have increased by an average of 27 per cent in the United States, 32 per cent in the United Kingdom, 45 per cent in Australia, 50 per cent in South Africa, and 58 per cent in Canada. In Tunisia, the price of irrigation water increased fourfold over a decade.

  • Pressure mounts on world water resources

    3 August 2006

    Fresh water supplies are one of 12 key indicators of a sustainable 'eco-economy' chosen by the Earth Policy Institute for special monitoring. Indeed, water scarcity may be the most underrated resource issue the world is facing, the Institute says. Elizabeth Mygatt reports.

  • Greedy dam plans could choke the Amazon

    3 August 2006

    If schemes for dozens of dams on tributaries of the Amazon River go ahead they will choke the river. But as electro-intensive mining and metals processing industries proliferate throughout the Amazon, the dam-building interests are advancing on the world's last great rainforest, with a greedy plan to get their hands on huge amounts of electricity.

  • Melting glaciers threaten world's water supplies

    27 July 2006

    Climate change and falling water tables are having a dramatic effect on the world's water resources. And the rapid melting of the planet's glaciers is making the problem even more serious, writes Satu Hassi, a Member of the European Parliament.

  • Growing thirst of an arid earth

    24 July 2006

    Thanks to the way we consume water - up to 100 times our weight each day - rivers from the Amazon to the Murray are running dry, writes Fred Pearce

  • Water harvesting hope for thirsty Beijing

    5 July 2006

    It is not sensational to predict that if China ever moves its capital city, this will be due largely to water shortages. The current capital, Beijing, is exuding dryness from every pore, particularly during the spring and autumn when it is plagued by inland sandstorms and strong winds. But now, says this China Watch report, the city is looking for new ways of water harvesting.