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  • New focus on water crisis

    19 April 2004

    People afflicted with water related illnesses fill more than half of the world's hospital beds, and up to four million people die each year from waterborne diseases, facts that have motivated the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development to focus its annual session on water, sanitation and human settlements.

  • Trickling away ... a life and death commodity

    5 June 2003

    Groundwater, the unseen source of life for two billion people, is diminishing almost everywhere in the world, according to a study published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

  • Reversing groundwater decline could ease water crisis

    13 May 2003

    Recent research, validated by experts from the International Water Management Institute, has shown how modifying existing irrigation schemes can recharge groundwater on a vast scale - improving food security, reducing farmer's vulnerability to drought, and helping to alleviate South Asia's growing water crisis.

  • Political inertia causing world water crisis, says UN

    1 April 2003

    A recent United Nations report warns that the world's water crisis could reach unprecedented levels if political inertia to tackle the problem continues to persist.

  • Forum puts focus on farming and ecosystems

    1 April 2003

    Jacques Diouf, Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), has called for massive investments in agriculture to improve the way it uses water. His comments at the Third World Water Forum in March echoed those of the Dutch Crown Prince, who told the opening session that agriculture is where the real world water crisis is taking place.

  • Women sidelined at Water Forum

    25 March 2003

    Women's issues were generally sidelined at the third World Water Forum, held in Kyoto last week, says Darryl D'Monte in this special report on the meeting.

  • Iraq's 'Garden of Eden' turning to dust

    24 March 2003

    The Marshlands of Mesopotamia, considered by some to be the Biblical location of the Garden of Eden and known as the fertile crescent, are disappearing at an alarming rate and are likely to completely vanish in five years, warns the UN.

  • Water : 'a casualty of Iraq war'

    11 March 2003

    War in Iraq, if it happens, will inevitably have environmental consequences. One casualty is likely to be water. In the interest of open debate, and without comment, we publish below excerpts from a statement by the US-based International Rivers Network, on the possible impact of war on Iraq's water supplies.

  • Killer storms and droughts Increasing

    25 February 2003

    Economic losses from weather and flood catastrophes have increased ten-fold over the past 50 years, partially the result of rapid climate changes, the World Water Council (WWC) says

  • Arab world faces growing water crisis

    24 February 2003

    Northern Africa and Western Asia (Arab countries) are among the areas of the world facing the most serious water shortages, according to UN experts quoted by Jumana Al Tamimi, reporting from Amman for the Gulf News.