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  • Shrinking African lakes seen from space

    1 November 2005

    The dramatic and, in some cases damaging environmental changes sweeping Africa's lakes are brought into sharp focus in a new atlas.

  • Rapid revival for Iraq's 'Garden of Eden'

    1 September 2005

    After a decade of decline in which the fabled Marshlands of Mesopotamia all but vanished almost 40 per cent have now recovered to their former 1970s extent.

  • Pollution threatens Kerala backwaters

    17 August 2005

    The beautiful waterways of the South Indian state of Kerala, which attract holidaymakers from all over the world, are under threat from falling water levels and pollution. Its lakes and canals lying between the Arabian sea and the mountains of the Western Ghats, support a wealth of marine and bird life. But, say Indian researchers, Kerala now lies on on the verge of 'environmantal catastrophe'.

  • Eight-country plan to conserve the Amazon

    29 June 2005

    A project that brings together eight Amazon Basin countries to help the region's 10 million inhabitants conserve and better manage the Amazon waters, forests and wildlife was announced in Salvador Bahia, Brazil, at the weekend.

  • Hydropower dam in Laos would alter two rivers

    22 October 2004

    A proposed $1.3 billion dam and hydroelectric power project appears to the government of Laos as a way to earn income by selling power to Thailand. Critics say the ecology of two major river systems in Laos will be altered if the Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Power Project is built, crucial documents have not been made public, and the people who would be affected by the dam have never been consulted.

  • Privatisation sends water bills soaring in Tanzania

    19 October 2004

    The British Government, and to a lesser extent the World Bank, are having second thoughts about the impact of the privatisation of water supplies in poor countries, and aid 'conditionality' which forces such countries to tailor their development policies to meet donor pressures. The issue was raised at this month's World Bank/IMF meeting in Washington and is highlighted by an ActionAid dossier on the plight of city dwellers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. John Rowley reports.

  • UN warns on silent emergency of dirty water

    11 October 2004

    A major report warns that the UN global water and sanitation target for 2015 will fall short, leaving millions of poor people worldwide out of the loop when it comes to access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.

  • New dams are threatening the world's largest rivers

    28 September 2004

    Indiscriminate dam-building is threatening the world's largest and most important rivers, with the Yangtze in China, the La Plata in South America, and the Tigris and Euphrates in the Middle East likely to suffer most from dams, warns a new report.

  • World running out of water to meet food security, warn scientists

    17 August 2004

    Global water use must be reduced to meet the demand for food production, otherwise it will be impossible to meet the UN development goal of halving the 840 million undernourished people by 2015, warn experts.

  • Marsh Arabs get £6m to restore Eden

    26 July 2004

    Japan is paying £6m to restore the marshlands of Mesopotamia, homeland of the Marsh Arabs, which the book of Genesis identifies as the probable site of the Garden of Eden.