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  • WATER FORUM: Water supply is failing to meet rising demand

    17 March 2009

    Global demand for water is bigger than it has ever been, while water supplies are already near their limits in many countries, delegates to the Fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul were told at the opening session today.

  • Himalayan dam boom spells trouble

    10 March 2009

    The governments of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan are planning to transform the Himalayan rivers into the powerhouse of South Asia by building hundreds of mega-dams to generate electricity. However, the possible impact of climate change will jeopardize the viability of the hydropower projects as well as the safety of the dams, says Ann-Kathrin Schneider, Programme Director and Policy Analyst for International Rivers.

  • Tibet's shrinking glaciers threaten climate chaos

    27 January 2009

    Glaciers stretching across the towering Tibetan-Qinghai plateau sustain all the great rivers of Asia, but as Christina Larsen reports in the Christian Science Monitor, they are shrinking fast and could have largely disappeared by 2100 with disastrous consequnces for the 300 million people who rely upon them.

  • Sanitation goal needs fresh impetus

    18 November 2008

    World Toilet Day tomorrow (November 19) is a reminder that over 2.6 billion people lack any form of 'improved' sanitation; one-sixth of the world's population get their water from sources contaminated by human and animal faeces; half of all people in developing countries have an illness related to sanitation and water quality; and every six seconds, a child dies of diarrhoea.

  • UN launches first-ever global aquifer map

    27 October 2008

    A worldwide map of ground water resources crossing national boundaries has just been published by UNESCO.

  • Study reveals tragic dangers of Mekong dam boom

    25 September 2008

    A new hard-hitting report exposes the social and environmental damage being done by the unprecedented dam-building boom in river-rich Laos. It is being presented today to an official consultation, in Vientiane, on the Mekong River Commission's Hydropower Programme in Vientiane.

  • Parched Beijing runs out of freshwater

    22 September 2008

    Municipal authorities in Beijing have announced that the parched city will receive 300 million cubic metres of water from neighbouring Hebei Province until March 2009. Most of this water will come from dams and underground reservoirs, already stressed from the inefficient use of water for irrigated agriculture.

  • 'Spend more or face water catastrophe'

    12 September 2008

    Investment in water infrastructure to cope with population growth and climate change will have to be hugely increased over the next quarter century, if hundreds of millions of people are not to suffer the consequences, experts warned this week. This report from The Guardian is by Juliette Jowit.

  • Huge jump in spending needed to avoid water catastropjhe

    12 September 2008

  • Half world's food never reaches the table

    22 August 2008

    World Water Week in Stockholm concluded today with a warning that slow progress on sanitation will cause the world to badly fail the Global Millennium Development Goals. It also agreed that weak policy, poor management, increasing waste and exploding water demands are pushing the planet towards the tipping point of a global water crisis.