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  • Deaths from air pollution now triple those from traffic accidents

    17 October 2002

    The World Health Organization reports that three million people now die each year from the effects of outdoor air pollution. This is three times the one million who die each year in automobile accidents.

  • Tar sands will increase Canada's pollution

    10 October 2002

    When Canada signs the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, it will hardly affect the sales of conventional oil and natural gas from Alberta, which will increasinly rely on huge deposits of oil sands for future energy needs.

  • Asia is drowning in motorbike pollution

    15 February 2002

    Asia is drowning. The exploding number of two and three-wheelers on Asia's streets promise to flood the continent with pollution. These vehicles may be the backbone of the commuting millions in Asia but they are also the greatest threat to public health.

  • The chemical juggernaut

    3 October 2000

    Man-made chemicals pervade and support every aspect of modern living. But are they also 'elixirs of death' the symbol of our own destruction, as forecast by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring? The question is discussed here by Deborah Cadbury, author of a new study into the Feminization of Nature.

  • Requiem for a dying sea

    15 September 2000

    The drying-up of the once-great Aral Sea - until recent times the world's fourth largest lake - is well known. But the associated human tragedy affecting the health and survival of a whole nation has been overlooked. Don Hinrichsen travelled through the region to research this special report for People & the Planet.

  • Poisoning the purity of the Arctic

    18 August 2000

    Startling new evidence that the world acts as a giant distillery may explain alarming concentrations of toxic chemicals in the Arctic. A hitherto undiscovered natural process seems to pick up the chemicals where they are us and dump them, thousands of miles away at the Poles. Geoffrey Lean reports.

  • 'Malaria is creeping up the mountains'

    18 August 2000

    Dr Rudi Slooff is a leading expert on climate change and human health, and co-author of the latest international assessment of the problem. A former consultant with the World Health Organization's Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health, he was intereviewed in Geneva by John Bland for People & the Planet.

  • Cooking smoke: a silent killer

    18 August 2000

    Thousands of articles have been written about air pollution, from cities choked with traffic to forest burning in Asia. But an even greater killer is indoor air pollution, as Dietrich Schwela reports.

  • Self-help sewers save lives

    17 August 2000

    The Orangi Pilot Project in Karachi is one of the world's best known community efforts to provide sanitation and waste-water management. Anita Nasar revisited Orangi for People & the Planet to see how this revolutionary project is progressing.

  • Prisoners of poverty

    16 August 2000

    The problem of health and the environment may not be solvable without tackling poverty, says Greg Goldstein.