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  • Prestige oil spill compensation under attack

    14 May 2003

    As reports come in that oil from the Prestige oil spill is now being washed up on the beaches of the French Riviera, compensation payments announced on May 9 have been condemned as "a grim joke" by the environment pressure group Friends of the Earth.

  • Urgent action needed to heal Iraq's environment, says UN

    25 April 2003

    A preliminary report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on the environmental threats facing post-war Iraq, calls for urgent measures to address humanitarian issues as well as action for long-term recovery.

  • Environmental causes of cancer neglected, say US campaigners

    27 March 2003

    Despite hugely increased funding for cancer research and prevention, the overall incidence of cancer in the United States has escalated to epidemic proportions in the last three decades. It now strikes about 1.3 million people and kills about 550,000 each year: nearly one in two men and more than one in three women now develop cancer in their lifetimes. The problem, says Dr Samuel Epstein, is that environmental causes have been largely ignored.

  • UK votes to keep highly toxic pesticide

    21 March 2003

    The highly toxic pesticide aldicarb will continue to be used on vegetables in the UK following a decision by European farm ministers. The leading environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth has learned that UK Agriculture Minister, Lord Whitty, voted in favour of the compromise position which allows eight member states including the UK to continue using aldicarb on some vegetable crops for so-called "essential use".

  • Threat of mass arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh

    3 March 2003

    A long-term epidemic of cancers and other fatal diseases is facing Bangladesh because of contamination of water supplies by naturally-occurring arsenic, according to Allan H Smith, professor of epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley, USA, writing in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The catastrophe is on a vast scale and needs to be declared a public health emergency, the article warns.

  • Global study warns of mercury threat to humans and wildlife

    7 February 2003

    Mercury poisoning of the planet could be significantly reduced by curbing pollution from power stations, says a new report released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

  • Two reports warn of Bush's assault on the environment

    31 January 2003

    The Bush administration undermined America's landmark environmental laws on almost a daily basis in 2002, claim two new reports. The reports document more than 100 anti-environmental actions by the administration last year, and point to ongoing efforts to undermine existing protections and delay proposed new rules that could help the environment.

  • The environmental damage of war in Iraq

    30 January 2003

    There has been much debate about Iraq - but not about the considerable environmental damage which a war would cause. Duncan McLaren and Ian Willmore of Friends of the Earth assess the evidence.

  • Mercury danger in fish, warns study

    7 November 2002

    A study involving 116 fish-eating men and women in a San Francisco medical practice, showed that nearly 90 per cent had blood levels of mercury surpassing safe levels as set by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

  • New chance to defuse Africa's toxic time-bomb

    17 October 2002

    A toxic 'time bomb' is ticking in Africa and other developing regions, in the form of alarming large stocks of deadly obsolete pesticides, often stored in deteriorating containers. Now the United Nations has pledged $25 million to start the clean up in Africa.