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  • Mammoth task ahead in curbing chemical pollution, says UNEP

    17 May 2004

    Welcoming the coming into force today of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS), Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), warned that this would do nothing to deal with the 69,000 other man-made substances already in use and the thousands more which enter the environment every year.

  • Survey finds rising tide of plastic in seabird stomachs

    15 April 2004

    The seabirds of the North Sea are being turned into "living dustbins", campaigners warn, after a study that finds that the average fulmar has 30 pieces of plastic in its stomach.

  • Rubbish blights paradise isles

    30 March 2004

    Small island states are facing a rising tide of rubbish and waste, which are adding to other woes such as rising sea levels, over-fishing, water shortages and inadequate sanitation services.

  • Environment 'stunts young brains'

    26 March 2004

    The brains of children in many parts of Europe are suffering greater damage from environmental risks than previously recognised, scientists say.

  • Pesticide residues in Indian soft drinks

    11 February 2004

    A committee of Indian MPs has supported the findings of a leading environment organisation that potentially harmful levels of pesticide residues were present in 12 soft drinks, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

  • Ozone damaging pesticide gains reprieve

    17 November 2003

    The planet-damaging pesticide, methyl bromide, gained a further reprieve last week. A decision on how far to exempt it from the list of banned chemicals which are depleting the earth's protective ozone layer was deferred to next year (2004).

  • Salmon packed with pollutants

    24 September 2003

    Salmon travelling to Alaska's lakes to spawn are carrying large doses of industrial pollutants with them, according to a study¹ published in Nature magazine.

  • Recovery of the ozone layer threatened by smuggling, profit and complacency

    17 September 2003

    The Montreal Protocol* is at serious risk of being undermined by illegal trade and production of ozone-depleting substances whilst the ozone hole over Antarctica is the largest it's ever been in early September, warns the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

  • Cleaning up Victoria Falls

    24 July 2003

    Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a world heritage site will be cleaned up and cleared of noxious weeds as part of the 2003 Clean Up the World campaign.

  • Japanese whale meat 'contaminated with mercury'

    12 June 2003

    Mercury-contaminated whale, dolphin and porpoise products are widely available in Japan's shops and fishmarkets, according to a new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).