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  • Poor environment linked to one-third of childhood diseases

    22 June 2006

    Worldwide, over 33 per cent of disease in children under the age of five is caused by environmental factors, warns the World Health Organisation (WHO). Yet the lives of as many as four million children could be saved through better environmental management, says the global health organisation.

  • 'Silent Spring' for the Arctic?

    15 June 2006

    The Arctic ecosystem is being ravaged by chemicals that may lead to a "silent spring" scenario in this once pristine environment, with the survival of wild animal populations threatened, a leading conservation agency warned today.

  • London incinerator decision under attack

    15 June 2006

    The UK Government's decision, announced today, to allow Europe's biggest incinerator to be built in London was immediately condemned by a leading conservation agency as a waste of resources and a step in the wrong direction in the fight against climate change.

  • Villagers attack factories over pollution in Eastern China

    3 May 2006

    Anger over increasing pollution in Chinese towns and villages is causing unrest in many parts of the country, as Yingling Liu reports for China Watch.

  • Health crisis hits rural Zimbabwe

    2 May 2006

    A huge health crisis is developing in areas where hundreds of thousands of poor rural Zimbabweans and their families have been resettled on commercial farms as part of President Robert Mugabe's socially and economically disastrous land reform exercise.

  • Chernobyl death toll 'could near 100,000'

    2 May 2006

    The full consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could top a quarter of a million cancers cases and nearly 100,000 fatal cancers, according to a new study.

  • Restoring wetlands could reduce bird flu

    18 April 2006

    Restoring tens of thousands of lost and degraded wetlands could go a long way towards reducing the threat of avian flu pandemics a new report says.

  • 5000 farms phase out dangerous chemical

    4 April 2006

    More than 5000 farms and organizations today joined forcesto accelerate the phase-out methyl-bromide, an agricultural pesticide that damages the ozone layer, the Earth's protective shield.

  • Big health savings from chemical laws

    21 February 2006

    The proposed European Union chemical safety legislation, known as REACH, could reduce health care bills by up to 2.5 billion Euros (£1.7 billion) in 25 EU countries over the next 10 years, the European Commission estimates.

  • Cutting air pollution pays big dividend

    7 February 2006

    Countries and cities that adopt air pollution busting measures can make big economic savings, not only in lower health care costs, but by reducing premature deaths as the toll from pollution-related diseases falls, a new UN report says.