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  • Record nuclear pollution in Siberia

    21 December 2000

    Dangerous levels of radioactivity are entering the Tom River from the Siberian Chemical Combine, better known as Seversk, just north of the city of Tomsk, according to a report published in November (2000) by a group of Russian and American non-governmental organizations.

  • Indoor air pollution kills 3 million

    18 December 2000

    As many as one billion people, mostly women and children, are regularly exposed to dangerous levels of indoor air pollution, causing some 3 million deaths every year, according to WHO. The pollution often exceeds WHO guidelines by up to 100 times, according to figures revealed at a WHO meeting on Air Quality and Health held in Geneva in September 2000.

  • Plastic plague

    23 August 2000

    A new study released by WWF-Germany reports that many plastic goods contain toxic chemical additives that are capable of disrupting hormones and posing danger to the environment and human health.