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  • Toxic chemicals threaten Arctic

    8 October 2002

    Arctic wildlife and some Arctic indigenous people, particularly Inuit, are contaminated by industrial pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides and insecticides, according to the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP).

  • Ozone hole on way to recovery say scientists

    19 September 2002

    The world is making steady progress towards recovery of the ozone layer and should prevent a similar hole appearing in the Arctic to that in Antartica, says a new scientific report.

  • Asia's pollution haze casts a cloud over human health

    14 August 2002

    A vast blanket of pollution stretching across South Asia is damaging agriculture, modifying rainfall patterns including those of the mighty Monsoon and putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk a new study suggests.

  • Northern smoke 'to blame for Africa's drought'

    14 June 2002

    New research indicates that pollution from factories and power stations, especially in North America and Europe, has exacerbated drought in countries south of the Sahara.

  • UK concern rises over feminisation of fish

    6 June 2002

    Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals is reducing male fish fertility in Britain's rivers and potentially putting the sustainability of fish populations at risk, the Anglo-Welsh environment agency said in a report.

  • Smog-sick Italians to ban sales of petrol cars

    26 April 2002

    Italy's Lombardy region, one of the industrial powerhouses of Europe, is planning to ban the sale of new petrol- and diesel-powered cars as part of a unique and ambitious clean air programme unveiled by the region's president, writes Phillip Willan.

  • US toxic techno-trash flooding Asia

    1 March 2002

    A groundbreaking investigation by an international coalition of environmental organisations has revealed that huge quantities of hazardous electronic wastes (E-wastes) are being exported to China, Pakistan and India where they are processed in operations that are extremely harmful to human health and the environment.

  • China can 'grow green' says Bank

    2 October 2001

    The last 20 years have brought swift economic growth to China and have taken a heavy environmental toll, but a new report issued by the World Bank says if the Chinese government changes its development strategy, an environmentally sustainable future is possible.

  • Diesel cancer risk 'most dangerous'

    30 July 2001

    Exhaust from diesel engines in the United States accounts for 78 per cent of the total added cancer risk in outdoor air from all hazardous air pollutants combined, according to a new analysis of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data.

  • Mercury risk to US pregnancies

    27 March 2001

    One in 10 women of childbearing age in the US are at risk of having newborns with neurological problems due to in utero mercury exposure, according to a government study released in March 2001. Fetuses are exposed to mercury in the womb primarily because of their mothers' consumption of fish, and are highly susceptible to related health problems.