Renewable Energy : Glossary

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  • Ecology

    16 March 2001

    Originally defined by Ernst Haeckel in 1866, ecology is the study of the relationships that develop among living organisms and between these organisms and the environment.

  • Conservation (nature)

    9 March 2001

    Protection against irreversible destruction and other undesirable changes, including the management of human use of organisms or ecosystems to ensure such use is sustainable.

  • Converter

    12 December 2000

    Unit that converts alternating current to direct current or visa versa.

  • District heating

    12 December 2000

    Delivery of steam or hot water through a network of pipes to heat a number of buildings in a district.

  • Green electricity

    12 December 2000

    Refers to electricity produced by generators considered to have acceptably low environmental impact.

  • Generator

    12 December 2000

    Technology that produces electricity.

  • Grid

    12 December 2000

    Network of high-voltage transmission lines.

  • Gigawatt

    12 December 2000

    A billion watts, written GW

  • Kilowatt

    12 December 2000

    Unit of power, 1000 watts, written kW

  • Kilowatt-hour

    12 December 2000

    Unit of electrical energy, written kWh