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  • Renewable Energy Policy Project

    9 November 2000

    Policy research organization which promotes the use of more efficient and cleaner energy sources and renewable energy technologies. Its website includes a section on green education, its current projects and links.

  • Energy Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs

    7 November 2000

    One of the research programmes of the RIIA. The Programme's work in this area of sustainable development aims to clarify the international aspects of trade, investment, and accountability for governments, companies, and international organisations in both energy consuming and producing countries.

  • Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development - UNDP

    7 November 2000

    This site describes the Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development programme of UNDP, and offers information on sustainable energy, energy efficiency, the Montreal Protocol and bibliographies.

  • Greenpeace

    14 September 2000

    A must-visit site for all aspects of environmental concern, including renewable energy, the marine environment, forests, biodiversity, climate change and pollution and water. Greenpeace is one of the most pro-active environmental organisations.

  • World Resources Institute (WRI)

    8 September 2000

    The World Resources Institute is a US think-tank which analyses a wide range of global environmental issues. It aims to reverse the rapid degradation of ecosystems, halt the changes to the Earth's climate caused by human activity, promote sustainability, and ensure people's access to information and decisions regarding natural resources and environment. This excellent website covers a broad range of subjects including climate change, water resources, health, oceans and coasts, biodiversity and forests.

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

    23 August 2000

    This US agency seeks to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment. It's website is a thorough resource on issues relating to human health and the environment. (On the hompage click on 'Browse EPA topics)

  • Friends of the Earth International (FOE)

    12 August 2000

    International campaigning organisation dedicated to preserving the global environment.FOE is a federation of autonomous environmental organizations in 61 countries.

  • Panos Institute

    Panos is an international non-profit institute working with partners worldwide to stimulate informed public and policy debate and build media capacities on developing country issues. It publishes reports and media briefing documents.