Renewable Energy : Features

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  • Power for the people 1: Bangladesh

    2 November 2000

    A new micro-credit scheme in Bangladesh is bring solar-powered energy and fresh hope to the four out of five villages which remain beyond the national grid. Lou Werner reports.

  • Renewable options 1: Wind Power

    1 November 2000

    The serious development of wind power in modern times began in 1973 after the oil crisis shook the confidence of the developed world that oil was there for the asking. Now, 18 years later, wind power is the fastest growing energy source in several regions of Europe, with the United States and India following behind in total installed capacity. And the potential is enormous.

  • Renewable options 3: Biomass

    1 November 2000

    There is now nearly-universal recognition that wood and other vegetation is an important source of energy. Altogether biomass supplies 14 per cent of all the energy used in the world. In developing countries it is the single most important source providing more than a third of all the energy used.