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  • UK launches CO2 car-ranking website

    15 August 2007

    The British government has set up a website designed to lure consumers towards buying the greenest cars available as the EU prepares to set binding caps on the amount of CO2 that new vehicles can emit.

  • Global wind power up by a quarter in 2006

    25 July 2007

    The 15,200 megawatts of new wind turbines installed worldwide in 2006 will generate enough clean electricity annually to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of 23 average-sized US coal-fired power plants, according to a new Vital Signs Update from the Worldwatch Institute.

  • Biofuel demand to push up food prices

    6 July 2007

    Food prices will rise in the next 10 years as nearly twice as much sugar cane, maize and oilseed rape is grown to fuel cars, and people in rapidly developing countries adopt meat-based diets, says the UN in its annual assessment of farming trends.

  • Renewable revolution is here, says UN report

    21 June 2007

    A gold rush of new investment into renewable power over the past 18 months has led the United Nations to conclude that clean energy could provide almost a quarter of the world's electricity by 2030. Terry Macalister of The Guardian reports.

  • Solar industry 'poised for take-off '

    24 May 2007

    The solar industry is poised for a rapid decline in costs that will make it a mainstream power option in the next few years, according to a new assessment, announced in Washington today.

  • UN report warns on impact of biofuels

    10 May 2007

    Modern bioenergy could help to meet the needs of 1.6 billion people who lacked access to electricity and 2.4 billion people who relied on the use of traditional biomass, according to a new UN report. But there could be serious consequences if forests are razed for plantations, if food prices rise and if communities are excluded from ownership, the report warns.

  • Indian solar energy project wins world award

    22 April 2007

    The prestigious Energy Globe award for promoting sustainability energy has been won by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) for helping 100,000 people in 18,000 Indian villages finance the purchase domestic solar systems.

  • First EU commercial concentrating solar power tower opens in Spain

    2 April 2007

    Europe's first commercial concentrating solar power plant began producing electricity in March near the sunny southern Spanish city of Seville. ENS reports:

  • New wind and sun power projects

    21 February 2007

    Giant wind turbines and big solar power plants are appearing in the most unlikely places as the renewable energy revolution gets under way. Here we report on the first wind turbine to be built in the UK, outside territorial waters, and the first solar plant of its kind to be built in the Gulf states.

  • US renewables ready to take off

    18 September 2006

    Renewable resources currently provide just over 6 per cent of total U.S. energy, but that figure could increase rapidly in the years ahead, according to a report released today