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  • UK to outline plans for a 'green revolution'

    22 June 2008

    The UK Government will set out proposed renewable energy plans this week for meeting Britain's EU-set target of ensuring that 15 per cent of UK energy comes from renewable energy sources by 2020. And according to a leaked report, these could result in one in four homes being fitted with solar heating equipment and 3,500 new wind turbines erected across Britain witnin 12 years.

  • Biofuel invaders could cost billions more dollars

    13 June 2008

    Countries should avoid planting crops for biofuels that stand a high risk of becoming invasive species, according to a recent report. The giant reed (Arundo donax), for example, is a proposed biofuel crop from West Asia which is already invasive in parts of North and Central America.

  • World's biggest solar farm to open in Portugal

    6 June 2008

    The world's largest solar photovoltaic farm, generating electricity straight from sunlight, is taking shape near Moura, a small town in a thinly populated and impoverished region of Portugal which boasts the most sunshine per square metre a year in Europe. John Vidal of The Guardian reports:

  • Now or never: massive investment in renewables needed

    6 June 2008

    The world needs to spend $45,000 billion on renewable technologies in the next 40 years, or 1.1 per cent of annual global economic output, to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the International Energy Agency says in a shock report.

  • "Kick the CO2 Habit" - it may be easier than you think

    5 June 2008

    Adopting a climate-friendly lifestyle needn't require drastic changes or major sacrifices, according to two United Nations reports published to mark World Environment Day (5 June).

  • Bicycles pedalling Into the spotlight

    15 May 2008

    The world produced an estimated 130 million bicycles in 2007 - more than twice the 52 million cars produced.

  • Scheme to generate energy from Gulf Stream

    2 May 2008

    Researchers in the United States are set to begin testing underwater turbine systems that can produce electricity from ocean water flows.

  • UK drivers 'in the dark about biofuels'

    15 April 2008

    Almost nine out of ten Britons had no idea that biofuels would be added to their petrol from today, according to a public attitudes survey on the controversial alternative fuels.

  • Iceland drills deeper to release its geothermal future

    8 April 2008

    Iceland is in the forefront of global research and development of geothermal energy. Now the country has launched an ambitious programme to tap deeper geothermal fields, up to 5 kilometres below the surface. If all goes well, this could open the door to a geothermal energy future that could meet all of Europe's renewable energy needs, says Don HInrichsen in this second special report from Iceland.

  • Cars must plug in to a greener future, says WWF

    1 April 2008

    Plug-in hybrid cars and battery electric vehicles could provide the route towards a sustainable future for transport - by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avert oil wars, says a new study.