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  • US funds hydrogen highway

    11 May 2004

    The hydrogen cars of the future received a $575 million jumpstart in April when the US Energy Secretary, Spencer Abraham, announced federal funding and private matching funds for dozens of science and research projects to establish a hydrogen economy, reports the Environment News Service.

  • UK to lead the way in marine energy

    11 March 2004

    A new effort to assess the potential for marine energy devices to generate electricity at a competitive cost, as compared to other forms of renewable energy and fossil fuelled power, has been launched by the UK-based Carbon Trust.

  • Big wind power boost for Britain

    15 July 2003

    Environmentalists have given a warm welcome to the decision by the British Government to back a huge extension of offshore wind power around the English coast. The new wind farms will be the world's biggest, and provide enough power for one in six British homes.

  • Barefoot College award will train village women

    27 May 2003

    A project to bring much-needed energy to remote Himalayan villages in India using an army of 'barefoot engineers', has won the 2003 St Andrews Prize for the Environment. It is just the latest of many plaudits which have been won by the College, founded in 1972 by the social pioneer, Bunker Roy.

  • The dilemma of Iraq's oil

    7 May 2003

    Although Iraq's immense oil fields survived the recent war with relatively minor damage, the process of re-integrating Iraq into the world oil market is likely to prove more problematic, according to an assessment by the Worldwatch Institute.

  • First community wind turbine launched in UK

    7 April 2003

    The latest wind turbine to be erected in Wales (in April 2003), marks a radical new direction for renewable energy production in the United Kingdom: local community ownership. There are already many wind turbines across the British Isles, but this one is unique. It is not owned by a large, energy company: it is owned and managed by the surrounding community.

  • Opinions divided on hydrogen cars

    27 March 2003

    The prospect of a hydrogen future was given a boost when US President George Bush unveiled a development plan, worth $1.7bn, in his State of the Union address, earlier this year. to help the US develop hydrogen-powered automobiles. But opinion is divided on the impact of this policy.

  • Renewables' share of world energy likely to shrink

    25 February 2003

    A study released by the International Energy Agency at the end of 2002 suggests that the share of world energy supply made up from renewables is likely to shrink between now and 2030.

  • 'Governments must back hydrogen-powered future'

    10 September 2002

    A world powered by hydrogen - the lightest and most abundant element in the universe - once the stuff of science fiction, is now also on its way to becoming 21st century reality, says a new report from the Washington DC-based Worldwatch Institute.

  • Bicycle sales top 100 million in 2000

    31 July 2002

    In the year 2000, world bicycle production climbed to 101 million, more than double the 41 million cars produced. Sales of bikes are soaring because they provide affordable mobility for billions of people, increase physical fitness, alleviate traffic congestion, and do not pollute the air or emit climate-disrupting carbon dioxide.