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  • Renewable energy potential unveiled

    14 April 2005

    Thousands of megawatt of new renewable energy potential in Africa, Asia, South and Central America have been discovered by a pioneering project to map the solar and wind resource of 13 developing countries.

  • Japan's wind power threatens sea eagle

    29 March 2005

    Wind power plants have an important part to play in creating non-polluting energy but more attention needs to be paid to their impact on wild birds, including Japan's white-tailed sea eagle (ojirowashi ), a protected species which is frequently killed in collisions with wind turbines, says Kenji Ishihara.

  • The winds of China could solve climate dilemma

    27 October 2004

    Greenpeace, the European Wind Energy Association and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association have formed a new partnership, committing themselves to ensuring that wind power plays a key role in China's energy future.

  • Solar cells selling fast

    21 October 2004

    World production of solar cells -which convert sunlight directly into electricity - soared to 742 megawatts (MW) in 2003, a jump of 32 per cent in just one year, the Earth Policy Institute reports.

  • First US gas-electric hybrid SUV hits the street

    17 August 2004

    The first Ford gasoline-electric hybrid sports utility vehicle has rolled off the assembly line, picking up praise from labour and some environmental groups for its fuel efficiency and low emissions. But other environmental and human rights groups are challenging Ford to increase the fuel economy of its entire fleet of cars and trucks.

  • Kerry promotes energy independence plan

    10 August 2004

    Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has outlined a 10 year, $30 billion energy plan and said the proposal will "put America on the path to energy independence and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs at the same time."

  • Entering the age of renewable energy

    27 July 2004

    "The age of renewables has now begun," proclaimed Germany's Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin at the close of the International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn where 154 nations pledged to make renewable energy "a most important and widely available source of energy," reports Janet Sawin.

  • Renewable energy can help reduce global poverty, says report

    23 June 2004

    A fast approaching global energy and climate crisis threatens to reverse human development, says a new report.

  • Global support for renewable energy

    8 June 2004

    The International Conference for Renewable Energies - Renewables 2004 - which took place in Bonn from June 1-4, concluded with a strong declaration by 154 governments that renewable energy should and will play a major role in the energy economy of the 21st century.

  • EU to set new target for renewables

    1 June 2004

    Representatives of governments from around the world are gathering this week in Bonn for "Renewables 2004." Organized as a follow-up to the Johannesburg World Summit of 2002, the event is meant to boost the momentum of renewable energy growth. The Environment News Service reports.