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  • G8 energy security plan relies on oil, nuclear and renewables

    16 July 2006

    "The need to protect the environment and to tackle climate change" is front and center in the Global Energy Security statement jointly issued today by the world's eight largest industrial nations, the G8, meeting here for their annual summit.

  • UK Energy Review 'a missed opportunity'

    12 July 2006

    Environment groups have been heavily critical to the UK government's long-awaited energy policy review, which said that new nuclear power stations could make a "significant contribution" to meeting Britain's future energy needs. They describe the review as "a damp squib" and "a missed opportunity".

  • Global wind power expands

    4 July 2006

    Global wind electricity-generating capacity increased by 24 per cent in 2005 to 59,100 megawatts. This represents a twelvefold increase from a decade ago, when world wind-generating capacity stood at less than 5,000 megawatts.

  • Bright future for biofuels, says report

    12 June 2006

    Biofuels can significantly reduce global dependence on oil, according to a new Worldwatch Institute report. This says that athough oil still accounts for more than 96 per cent of transport fuel use, biofuel production has doubled since 2001 and is poised for even stronger growth as the industry responds to higher fuel prices and supportive government policies.

  • China, India and Brazil could double gas emissions

    24 May 2006

    Without significant gains from energy efficiency efforts,China, India and Brazil within a single human generation (by 2030) will more than double their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in major impacts on global energy markets and climate, a World Bank study warns.

  • Oil peak may be imminent

    18 May 2006

    When the price of oil climbed above $50 a barrel in late 2004, public attention began to focus on the adequacy of world oil supplies - and specifically on when production would peak and begin to decline. Analysts are far from a consensus on this issue, but several prominent ones now believe that the oil peak is imminent.

  • Nuclear future is a trillion dollar dream

    3 May 2006

    Many politicians and even a few environmentalists have begun advocating nuclear power as a remedy for climate change. And in an effort to ride the coattails of a far more popular set of energy alternatives, political leaders including US President George W. Bushare now referring to nuclear power as "a renewable source of energy".

  • Nuclear energy not sustainable says leading institute

    28 March 2006

    With nuclear power back on the political agenda, in Britain and elsewhere, the influential Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) says that nuclear energy is not the answer to the UK's energy needs. It calls instead for the development of a long term strategy towards a carbon neutral economy.

  • All new Spanish buildings must go solar

    28 March 2006

    New building regulations introduced by the Spanish government will give the country some of the most advanced solar legislation in the world.

  • UK can have 'brighter energy future'

    13 March 2006

    New research by Friends of the Earth concludes that the UK can meet its electricity needs, reduce the need for imported natural gas, and tackle climate change without a new nuclear power programme.