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  • Cousteau Society, The

    13 November 2000

    This non-profit organisation founded by the famous French oceanographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is dedicated to the protection of marine life. Its website includes membership info, films and publications, expeditions and a biography of Jacques Cousteau. Also its awarding journal for children, Calypso Log

  • SeaWeb

    13 November 2000

    SeaWeb is a project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it. Its website includes news, publications and books, campaigns, on-line newsletter Ocean Update information on acquculture and extensive links.

  • IUCN - Global Marine Programme

    13 November 2000

    The aim of the The World Conservation's Marine and Coastal Programme (IUCN-MCP) is to conserve marine biodiversity by promoting sustainable uses and equitable sharing of resources as well as protecting ecosystems. Its website includes on-line publications, links and a calender of events.

  • Natural Resources Defense Council

    10 November 2000

    Nonprofit organization that aims to protect the environment through research and legal action. Provides infomation and news on a variety of topics including clean air and energy, global warming, clean water and oceans, wildlife and fish, forests and parks, toxic chemicals and health, and cities and green living.

  • Mangrove Action Project

    6 November 2000

    The Mangrove Action Project is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to mangrove conservation.

  • Industrial Shrimp Action Network (ISA Net)

    6 November 2000

    Founded in 1997 by representatives of environmental and community organizations from 14 nations as an umbrella group to support and encourage sustainable, responsible shrimp farming.

  • World Whale Web

    3 November 2000

    Site of the California-based Great Whales Foundation.

  • Cetacean Society International

    3 November 2000

    CSI a non-profit conservation, education, and research organisation based in the USA, which peacefully seeks to minimize cetacean killings and captures, and to maximize activities that neither harm nor harass, such as regulated whale watching, nonlethal research, and widespread educational, aesthetic, and environmental programs relating to free-living whales, dolphins, and porpoises. It's website contains background information on saving cetaceans, a photogallery, its newsletter, Save the Whales, links, and action alerts and updates.

  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

    3 November 2000

    An excellent site covering the conservation and welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises.

  • Shark Trust

    3 November 2000

    Established in 1997, the UK-based Shark Trust promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays.