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  • 2. Have the whales been saved?

    10 October 2000

    The struggle to save the whales from the notorious over hunting by whalers of many nations, which reached its worst extent in the middle years of the last century, has not yet been completely won, but there have been some major victories, writes Cassandra Phillips.

  • 4. Turtle tales

    10 October 2000

    Sea turtles have existed for over 100 million years and have outlived the dinosaurs. With the encroachment of tourism development and marine pollution the very survival of these ancient sea-dwellers is now under threat. Maya Pastakia reports on one woman's effort to save the sea turtles.

  • Managing the Oceans 1. Cleaning up the seas

    10 October 2000

    Coastal seas and the wider ocean have become the sink for thousands of chemicals and heavy metals with widespread but uncertain impact on marine wildlife. Here, Bruce McKay and Kieran Mulvaney provide a fresh assessment of the causes, effects and future of marine pollution.

  • Rising seas and changing currents

    10 October 2000

    Despite recent re-estimates of expected sea level rise, small island nations and deltas are still under threat. John Pernetta reports on the latest evidence.