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  • 5. A Sanctuary for life in Florida's seas

    19 January 2001

    Ten years ago, the US Government formally established the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary - over 9500 km² in area including all of the Florida Keys from Key Largo to the Dry Tortugas and contiguous with Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. Efforts since then to preserve this unique ecosystem have raised fundamental choices for the future of marine protected areas in the United States. John Ogden reports.

  • 4. Fiji's fishers celebrate their first marine reserve

    19 January 2001

    Fiji's first community-based marine protected area has now been set up by local villagers - and officially recognised by the local authorities. Already the fish are returning in abundance, as Meg Gawler reports in this special report for People & the Planet.

  • Saving the reefs 1. Bleaching: the biggest threat to coral reefs

    17 November 2000

    The impact of 'bleaching' on the coral reefs of the world, as sea temperatures rise, was highlighted at the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium recently in Bali, Indonesia, writes Henrylito Tacio.

  • Comment: Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    17 October 2000

    Twenty years ago, Jacques-Yves Cousteau - who died in 1997 after a lifetime of campaigning for the seas - called for a people's crusade to protect them. The words he spoke then still resonate.

  • 2. Caretakers of the sea

    13 October 2000

    The Convention on the Law of the Sea has begun the job of protecting the world's oceans but there is a long way still to go, says Jean-Pierre Levy.

  • 3. A tide of change

    13 October 2000

    Conservation efforts for oceans and coasts have lagged behind those for the terrestrial environment for many years. But there is at last a significant reaction to the pending ocean crisis, symbolised by the designation of 1998 as the Year of the Ocean. Sue Wells introduces our global report on recent efforts to manage the oceans.

  • 6. A Visionary plan for the Banc d'Arguin

    13 October 2000

    Africa's largest and most spectacular marine park, in Mauritania, is under enormous pressure from within and without. Pierre Campredon and Meg Gawler report on the master plan to secure the future of this beautiful World Heritage site.

  • 7. Why should we care?

    13 October 2000

    How we look after the ocean will determine the future of life on earth - forever - says Sylvia Earle.

  • Secret treasures of the deep

    11 October 2000

    Now is the time to uncover the mysteries of the ocean deep - the largest habitat on earth - says Sylvia Earle, internationally- renowned scientist and author.

  • Protecting marine life 1. Renewing the world's fisheries

    10 October 2000

    During the past 100 years, ocean fisheries have been stretched to the limits, and the era of limitless bounty is now over. This century must be one of care and renewal as Carl Safina explains.