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  • Global panel on oceans needed, say marine experts

    24 October 2007

    International marine policy experts warn that new threats to the world's oceans are undermining its ability to sustain life. They call for an Intergovernmental Panel on the Oceans to better inform policy-making, in much the same way as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change currently does.

  • Artist Fran Crowe completes litter marathon

    24 September 2007

    When artist Fran Crowe embarked on a challenge to pick up 46,000 pieces of litter off beaches near her Suffolk home last September, little did she realise quite how long it would take her! Now, almost exactly one year later, Fran has finally collected her 46,000th piece of litter, having walked more than 202 km on Suffolk beaches for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Coastal Challenge in the process.

  • 'Sea parks essential to save fisheries'

    19 September 2007

    Creating "national parks of the sea" may be the only effective way to reverse trends that have left 76 per cent of world fishstocks fully or over-exploited and marine biodiversity at severe risk,says a new expert study.

  • Gordon Brown ' failing marine environment'

    12 July 2007

    The new British prime minister, Gordon Brown, has come under attack for 'ignoring one of the key environmental issues facing the UK by failing to include a UK Marine Act in his proposed legislative programme for next year.'

  • Warming sea threatens Caribbean corals

    7 June 2007

    Caribbean coral species are dying off, indicating dramatic shifts in the ecological balance under the sea, a new scientific study of Caribbean marine life shows.

  • Pacific ocean fish stocks heading for collapse

    7 June 2007

    The Pacific is among the world's moderately healthy oceans, but fish stocks there could begin to collapse within three years unless Pacific nations take control of their own fish resources, Greenpeace warns.

  • Whaling ban remains but future is uncertain

    1 June 2007

    The meeting of the International Whaling Commission concluded in Alaska yesterday with a majority vote endorsing the moratorium on commercial whaling. But Japan (and its allies) abstained from the vote and remains intent on continuing its 'scientific' whaling. It also threatened to leave the IWC. This leaves the future of the whole IWC process mired in uncertainty. We publish two reports below, one from ENS and one from WWF.

  • Ocean experts urge faster action on marine reserves

    16 April 2007

    The Earth's oceans are being destroyed at a much faster rate than they are being protected, said the world's leading marine experts at the end of the IUCN Marine Protected Area Summit.

  • A second chance for Bali's marine turtles

    19 March 2007

    For years, Bali has been a hub for Indonesia's illegal marine turtle trade, particularly in two coastal villages on Serangan islet in the southern neighbourhood of Denpasar, Bali's main city. And the economic downturn since the Bali bombing has not helped. But now an education effort is paying dividends. Olivier van Bogaert reports.

  • UK Marine Bill will set up protected reserves

    16 March 2007

    The British Government has published details of a proposed Marine Bill under which oil, gas, marine renewables, CO2 storage, inshore fisheries and shipping will all be spatially allocated under proposals for the first time.