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  • WWF calls for five North Sea marine reserves

    19 March 2008

    A network of marine reserves, covering at least 30 per cent of the North Sea, to help rebuild populations of many fish species and and protect their habitats, are called for today by WWF-UK.

  • Bloated fishing fleets hunting last bluefin tuna

    12 March 2008

    International fishing fleets, which have decimated bluefin tuna stocks in the past few decades, have twice the fishing capacity of current quotas and are netting more than three and a half times the catch levels recommended by scientists to avoid stock collapse, a new report reveals.

  • Marine invaders: a worldwide threat

    25 February 2008

    Some 84 per cent of the world's marine ecosystems have been infected by invasive species - and this number could be even higher due to under-reporting, according to a new study from the Nature Conservancy.

  • Warmer world may mean fewer fish

    23 February 2008

    Climate change is emerging as the latest threat to the world's dwindling fish stocks. A new United Nations report says that at least three quarters of the planet's key fishing grounds may become seriously impacted by changes in circulation as a result of the ocean's natural pumping systems fading and falling.

  • Map charts human toll on oceans

    15 February 2008

    Human activity has left a mark on nearly every square kilometre of sea, severely compromising ecosystems in more than 40 per cent of the planet's waters, according to a groundbreaking new map of the state of the world's oceans.

  • Corals facing the death sentence

    24 January 2008

    Exceptionally warm water temperatures, combined with the effects of hurricanes, devastated a huge number of coral reefs in the Caribbean in 2005. And, scientists from the World Conservation Union warn, the same thing will undoubtedly reoccur, with catastrophic effects.

  • Carbon emissions could destroy coral reefs by 2050

    8 January 2008

    Carbon emissions from human activities are not just heating up the globe, they are changing the ocean's chemistry. Ocean researchers say this could soon be fatal to coral reefs, which are havens for marine biodiversity and underpin the economies of many coastal communities.

  • EU fishing deal is 'a gamble on North Sea's future'

    20 December 2007

    The deal on fish quotas for 2008 reached by European Union ministers has has been criticised by environmental groups which claim that the clear scientific advice on cod stocks, in particular, has been ignored.

  • EU proposes increased cod quotas

    29 November 2007

    Under proposals on fishing quotas in European waters for 2008, by the European Commission, the North Sea cod quota could be increased by 11 per cent. This follows a fisheries deal struck between the EU and Norway on Monday.

  • Warning lights are flashing for Atlantic tuna

    2 November 2007

    Fishing wiped out Atlantic Bluefin tuna stocks in Northern Europe 50 years ago, according to a new study which finds that pressure on the remaining stocks is pushing the entire species to the edge of extinction.