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  • Coastal destruction speeds climate change

    30 March 2011

    The destruction of coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes, which have a high carbon content, is leading to rapid and long-lasting emissions of CO2 into the ocean and atmosphere, according to 32 of the world’s leading marine scientists.

  • New analysis shows three-quarters of planet's coral reefs under threat

    23 February 2011

    A new comprehensive analysis finds that 75 percent of the world's coral reefs are currently threatened by local and global pressures. For the first time, the analysis includes threats from climate change, including warming seas and rising ocean acidification.

  • Fertilizers and plastics are poisoning the oceans, says UN

    17 February 2011

    Massive amounts of phosphorus - a valuable fertilizer needed to feed a growing global population - are being lost to the oceans as result of inefficiencies in farming and a failure to recycle wastewater, according to a new UN report.

  • Plastics: a new toxic time bomb?

    17 February 2011

    The  need for more intensified research on the impact of plastics entering the oceans is highlighted in the newly published UN Environment Programme's 2011 Year Book.

  • Shark populations still dwindling

    27 January 2011

     A decade after members of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation ( FAO) approved an international plan to conserve sharks, a new analysis finds that little has changed. 

  • Acidifying oceans could threaten marine food chain says UN

    4 December 2010

    The future impact of rising CO2 emissions on the health of seas and oceans may be far more wide-ranging and complex than was previously supposed, a new report released at the UN climate convention meeting in Mexico says. 

  • Marine sanctuaries needed for Australia's South West oceans

    15 November 2010

    Half of the marine region to the South West of Australia will need to be protected in a network of marine sanctuaries to minimize risks to marine life, fish stocks and ecosystems.

  • Bluefin tuna demise due to black market and fraud

    7 November 2010

    The rapid demise of Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna, the source of prized sushi around the world, is due to a $4 billion black market and a decade of rampant fraud, according to a new report.

  • Ocean acidification a serious threat

    6 November 2010

    Manmade ocean acidification will have profound impacts on marine life, even without a further increase of CO2 emissions.

  • Mangroves: going, going, gone?

    15 October 2010

    More than one in six mangrove species worldwide are in danger of extinction due to coastal development and other factors, including climate change, logging and agriculture.