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  • Fiji chiefs create marine sanctuaries on world's third largest reef

    5 November 2005

    Local chiefs of Fiji's Great Sea Reef have established the first of a series of Marine Protected Areas that will form one of the world's largest networks of marine sanctuaries.

  • Save our oceans call by world conservationists

    25 October 2005

    The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has called on nations across the world to step up their efforts to protect the world's vast and increasingly vulnerable marine environment from climate change, pollution, resource depletion and other threats.

  • Death traps destroying Atlantic sharks

    9 October 2005

    Shark populations have fallen sharply in British and international waters because of a fleet of trawlers laying thousands of miles of semi-permanent nets on the sea bed.

  • Shell pipeline puts gray whales in peril

    15 March 2005

    The controversial Shell oil and gas project at Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East is threatening the western gray whale population with extinction, warn conservation groups.

  • Tsunami disaster highlights need for environmental protection

    24 January 2005

    Beyond the horrific loss of human life, the devastating earthquake and tsunami has ravaged Indonesia's coastal environment, causing damage and loss to natural habitats and vital ecosystems.

  • How the mangrove shield was lost

    17 January 2005

    Powerful business interests left Asian coastal protection in tatters before the tsunami, reports John Vidal.

  • World rushes relief to South Asian tsunami survivors

    4 January 2005

    A week after the giant earthquake and tsunamis hit the Indian Ocean coast on December 26, the death toll was approaching 150,000, with double that number injured and some 5 million made homeless or otherwise affected. This report from the Environment News Service sums up the world's early reaction to the disaster.

  • Great Barrier Reef becomes world's largest marine protected area

    17 December 2004

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef has become the world's largest marine protected area, as a new zoning plan comes into effect.

  • Huge no-fishing zones 'offer only hope' of saving marine ecosystem from disaster

    8 December 2004

    It has been invisible, so it has gone largely unheeded, but the wrecking of the seas is now the world's gravest environmental problem after climate change, British scientists said yesterday.

  • Tesco to stop selling whale meat

    9 November 2004

    The supermarket company, Tesco, has decided to stop selling all cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) products in its Japanese supermarkets, following a joint campaign by a group of UK non-government organisations.