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  • SUCCESS STORY: Urban farming thrives in Cuba (part two)

    11 April 2007

    In the first of two articles Jason Mark told how a combination of necessity and government support saw organic urban agriculture take off in Cuba. Here he explains just how the system works and brings the story up to date.

  • SUCCESS STORY: Indian farmers learn from old ways

    23 March 2007

    Looking to the west for new and better technologies in every sphere of life is the norm in many developing countries. But now thousands of farmers in India have rediscovered the wealth and potential of traditional sciences.

  • New movement tackles China's rural crisis

    23 March 2007

    A new movement is underway in China which attempts to incorporate many aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including harmony with nature, community values, and a sense of sufficiency instead of endless pursuit of wealth and consumption. Dale Jiajun Wen reports.

  • Farming in the city - a growing imperative

    16 March 2007

    Last month, Henrylito Tacio reported on how urban farmers are helping to feed the growing city populations of the world. Here Lester Brown takes up the same theme arguing that as oil prices rise, as they invitably will, the economic benefits of expanding urban agriculture, even in affluent societies, will become much more obvious.

  • Indian women take the lead in organic farming

    23 February 2007

    For millions of rural Indian women, organic agriculture offers escape from the three demons of debt, disease and destitution,says Bhavdep Kang, but despite all the evidence they have gained little support from government.

  • Urban farming can help feed city millions

    5 February 2007

    Despite its rapid growth and modernization the income from farmers living in and around Beijing has doubled in recent years, according to the 2007 State of the World report, and it is not alone, as urban argiculture shows its potential to help feed city citizens around the world.

  • Organic farming 'improving Ethiopian yields'

    11 January 2007

    Organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices in Ethiopia have brought about significant benefits to poor farmers and communities, according to the country's top environment official.

  • SUCCESS STORY: India's women farmers show way to organic future

    7 September 2006

    Away from media glare, the farmers of Khakrola village in Himachal Pradesh - a mere blip on India's geographic radar - have been working tirelessly to usher in a new green revolution.

  • Has agriculture reached a tipping point?

    2 August 2006

    So far farm production has kept up with population growth, but has the increase in productivity come at too high a cost? Faced with the additional threat of global warming has industrialised farming reached a 'tipping point' asks Claire Hope Cummings in this extract from an article in the latest issue of World Watch magazine.

  • Cars are grabbing world's grain supply

    14 July 2006

    Cars, not people, will claim most of the increase in world grain consumption this year. The US Department of Agriculture projects that world grain use will grow by 20 million tons in 2006. Of this, 14 million tons will be used to produce fuel for cars in the United States, leaving only 6 million tons to satisfy the world's growing food needs.