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  • Desert activists win UN prize

    28 September 2006

    A community group in Mauritania and the leader of another, in Colombia, will be honoured next month with a UN prize for their achievements in combating desertification and land degradation - a major local and global problem that threatens the lives and livelihoods of two billion people inhabiting the planet's dry and arid areas.

  • Illegal GM rice found in European food

    7 September 2006

    Food products illegally contaminated with genetically modified (GM) rice from China have been discovered in the UK, France and Germany, environmental agencies have revealed.

  • World grain stocks fall to record low

    20 June 2006

    This year's world grain harvest is projected to fall short of consumption by 61 million tons, marking the sixth time in the last seven years that production has failed to satisfy demand. As a result of these shortfalls, world carryover stocks at the end of this crop year are projected to drop to 57 days of consumption, the shortest buffer since the 56-day-low in 1972 that triggered a doubling of grain prices.

  • Indian farmers reap rich dividends by going organic

    4 May 2006

    Organic husbandy is happening in the wetlands of Hollagaru village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The high production of arecanut, paddy, vanilla and coffee has changed the fortunes of the local farming community.

  • Can organic farming feed us all?

    3 May 2006

    Two recent studies reveal that a global shift to organic farming would yield more food, not less, for the world's hungry, says Worldwatch Institute Senior Researcher Brian Halweil.

  • EU Commission admits safety concerns over GM food

    18 April 2006

    New documents reveal that the European Commission has been approving genetically modified (GM) foods and crops despite having serious doubts over their health and environmental impacts, say two major environmetnal organisations.

  • Africa seeks solutions to degraded soil

    5 April 2006

    Population pressure is forcing African farmers to grow crop after crop, depleting the soil of nutrients and lowering yields from the land, according to a study by the International Center for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development (IFDC). Africa's population is projected to more than double from 885 million to 1.8 billion by 2050. The study was presented at the African Fertilizer Summit last week. The following report was provided by the Environment News Service.

  • Hungry nations demand truth about GM food aid

    28 March 2006

    The international biosafety meeting in Brazil has made a compromise deal on how to label GM food imports. But hunger-stricken East African countries are concerned that they still won't be sure if food aid contains any Genetically Modified Organisms. Ebenezer T. Bifubyeka reports from Curitiba.

  • Dryland crisis threatens planet's poor

    15 June 2005

    Growing desertification worldwide threatens to swell by millions the number of poor forced to seek new homes and livelihoods. And a rising number of large, intense dust storms plaguing many areas menace the health of people even continents away, international experts warn in a new report, published today.

  • Bangladeshi farmers banish insecticides

    2 August 2004

    Two thousand Bangladeshi rice farmers have taken on the role of agricultural scientists and have found that they can save both time and money by reducing the use of insectcides and nitrogen fertiliser without compromising their yields, according to a new study.