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  • African deltas suffer early impacts of climate change

    30 August 2009

    The Niger Delta in Nigeria, is home to about a quarter of the country's population. But climate change and rising sea levels are bringing floods and salt water into this fertile region, reports Etiosa Uyigue.

  • Water crisis threatens famine in Asia, says UN

    17 August 2009

    Asia faces an unprecedented food crisis and huge social unrest unless hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in better irrigation systems to grow crops for its burgeoning population, according to a UN report.

  • UK must rethink its food policy says Porritt

    3 June 2009

    Jonathon Porritt, Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, today launched a sharp attack on the government's Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy. It was, he said,"no longer fit for purpose".

  • Footprint report reveals Hong Kong's ecological deficit

    12 January 2009

    At 4.4 global hectares per person, Hong Kong residents have an Ecological Footprint twice that typical for China as a whole. Hong Kong also has one of the greatest ecological deficits in the world, according to Hong Kong Ecological Footprint Report: Living Beyond Our Means. The report details Hong Kong's resource use and its role in the overall ecological picture of China - a country that now ties with the US as the largest user of the world's biocapacity.

  • Billions face food shortages, study warns

    11 January 2009

    Half of the world's population could face severe food shortages by the end of the century as rising temperatures take their toll on farmers' crops, scientists have warned.

  • Nearly 1 billion go hungry

    11 December 2008

    Another 40 million people have been pushed into hunger this year, primarily due to higher food prices, according to preliminary estimates published by FAO.

  • Rich countries launch great land grab

    24 November 2008

    In a two-page Special Report, The Guardian newspaper (London, November 22), has revealed how rich governments and corporations are buying up land in poor developing countries to safeguard food and other agricultural resources for consumers in the developed world, often at the expense of local needs and small peasant farmers. Julian Borger's report, is reproduced here, with links to case studies in the Madagascar, Laos and Brazil.

  • UN warns of desertification crisis

    17 November 2008

    "Without proper action, both in developing and developed countries, some 50 million people could be displaced by desertification and land degradation within the next ten years" the world conference on desertification, meeting in Turkey last week, was told.

  • Organic farming can feed Africa, says UN

    6 November 2008

    New evidence that organic farming offers Africa the best chance of breaking the continent's cycle of poverty and malnutrition has come from a major UN study.

  • UN calls for biofuel review to protect poor farmers

    8 October 2008

    Biofuel production from agriculture grew more than threefold from 2000 to 2007. It now covers nearly two per cent of the world's consumption of transport fuels and is continuing to grow. Reporting this, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, has called for an urgent review of both biofuels and farm subsidies to preserve food security, sustain the environment and protect poor farmers,.