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  • China's spreading deserts may force up food prices

    24 March 2011

    Sixteen years ago Lester Brown wrote an influential article asking "Who will feed China?" In the years that followed the Chinese Government made strenuous efforts to boost grain production, while importing the bulk of its soybean needs. But now says Brown, in a new report, China will increasingly be forced to import grains - with massive impact on global food prices.

  • Bee decline set to continue warns UN

    11 March 2011

    Scientists are warning that without profound changes to the way human-beings manage the planet, declines in bees and other pollinators needed to feed a growing global population are likely to continue. .

  • Fairer deal for rural women could take 150 million out of hunger - UN

    8 March 2011

    As the world celebrates World Women's Day, today, the UN Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO) reports that  if rural women had a fair deal, world food production could be greatly boosted and 100-150 million people relieved of hunger.

  • New food system needed to feed world's growing population

    25 January 2011

     A new report, published by Foresight, the UK Government’s futures think tank, argues for fundamental change to the global food system, and beyond if a rapidly expanding global population is to be fed over the next 40 years.

  • When will the food bubble burst?

    13 January 2011

    Floods in Australia and  Asia are adding to the pressure on world food supplies and are expected to further push up food prices. But, says Lester Brown, author of a new book entitled World on the Edge, the question is not whether the food bubble will burst but when.

  • Agriculture innovation key to reducing poverty, stabilizing climate

    12 January 2011

    The Worldwatch Institute today released its report State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet, which spotlights successful agricultural innovations and unearths major successes in preventing food waste, building resilience to climate change, and strengthening farming in cities.

  • World food prices enter 'danger territory' to reach record high

    6 January 2011

    The UN food price index has risen for the sixth month in a row to the highest since records began in 1990.

  • China's ability to feed its people questioned by UN expert

    24 December 2010

    Shrinking arable land making it harder to maintain agricultural output, says UN expert Olivier De Schutter, as food prices rise in China.

  • 'Africa can feed itself in a generation'

    6 December 2010

     "Africa can feed itself. And it can make the transition from hungry importer to self-sufficiency in a single generation."

  • Bluefin tuna demise due to black market and fraud

    7 November 2010

    The rapid demise of Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna, the source of prized sushi around the world, is due to a $4 billion black market and a decade of rampant fraud, according to a new report.