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  • International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) Human Settlements Programme

    8 September 2000

    This programme aims to reduce poverty and improve health and housing conditions among the urban populations of Latin America, Asia and Africa, especially among low income groups.

  • World Resources Institute (WRI)

    8 September 2000

    The World Resources Institute is a US think-tank which analyses a wide range of global environmental issues. It aims to reverse the rapid degradation of ecosystems, halt the changes to the Earth's climate caused by human activity, promote sustainability, and ensure people's access to information and decisions regarding natural resources and environment. This excellent website covers a broad range of subjects including climate change, water resources, health, oceans and coasts, biodiversity and forests.

  • PLANet Wire

    29 August 2000

    A new website serving the media, providing news stories and guides on family planning, population, reproductive health and environment issues. Related to Family PLANet.

  • Population Council

    29 August 2000

    Covers the broad field of population, including improving services and products in reproductive health and designing interventions to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Also conducts research on the impact of population growth on human resources and the benefits of education and livelihood opportunities on young girls and women.

  • Center for Development and Population Activities

    29 August 2000

    Browse publications, facts and stories on girl's education in Nepal and Egypt, working with faith leaders on AIDS in Nigeria, addressing safe motherhood in India and improving women's leadership around the world.


    29 August 2000

    As one of the main advocates for global action on HIV/AIDS, the UNAIDS website is an excellent resource for information and facts and figures on this global epidemic.

  • World Health Organization (WHO) - Protection of the Human Environment

    23 August 2000

    The WHO sub-site on safe environment, including information on chemical pollution, ultraviolet radiation, air, water and food safety.

  • WHO - Water, Sanitation and Health

    23 August 2000

    WHO sub-site covering many topics, including drinking water quality, hygiene and a global assessment of water supply and sanitation.

  • Friends of the Earth International (FOE)

    12 August 2000

    International campaigning organisation dedicated to preserving the global environment.FOE is a federation of autonomous environmental organizations in 61 countries.

  • National Audubon Society

    link to this US-based organisation dedicated to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems and habitat, focusing on birds and other wildlife. Also check their population and habitat campaign.