Population Pressures : Links

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  • Population-Environment Research Network

    4 May 2001

    This website provides a free searchable database of recent literature, datasets and projects on population and environment research around the world. It serves from time to time as a venue for cyberseminars on select population and environment themes. It also includes a "What's New?" link highlighting new research and events in the field.

  • Amnesty International

    17 September 2000

    Human rights organisation campaigning against abuses of women's rights, such as Female Genital Mutilation.

  • Familyplanet

    15 September 2000

    The goal of PLANet is to raise awareness of international family planning in the minds of the American public, and to make it a priority among issues facing the U.S. and the world.

  • Greenpeace

    14 September 2000

    A must-visit site for all aspects of environmental concern, including renewable energy, the marine environment, forests, biodiversity, climate change and pollution and water. Greenpeace is one of the most pro-active environmental organisations.

  • UN Population Information Network (POPIN)

    8 September 2000

    POPIN is the best source of the latest UN demographic information and statistics.

  • HelpAge International

    8 September 2000

    HelpAge International campaigns on behalf of the world's older population and provides expertise and grants to older people's organisations in 70 developing countries.

  • World Bank - Health, Nutrition, Population

    8 September 2000

    Link to the World Bank's Health, Nutrition and Population pages.

  • Population Reference Bureau

    8 September 2000

    The Washington-based Population Reference Bureau (PRB) provides information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications.

  • Population Institute

    8 September 2000

    The Washington-based Population Institute stresses the need for global population stabilization and advocates U.S. support for international, national and private population programmes.

  • Population Action International (PAI)

    8 September 2000

    Population Action International (PAI) is a US-based advocacy group working to strengthen support worldwide for population programs, including family planning and related health services, and to advance educational and economic opportunities, especially for girls and women. Its website contains a wealth of information on various topics, including population, gender, reproductive health, economics and environment. In addition, it has a good collection of publications, links, fact sheets and video material.