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  • Population and Reproductive Health Portal

    24 May 2002

    The portal provides a community built database of shared information, including data, research, projects, ideas and dialogue. It also covers the key topics and actions identified by ICPD. Notable features include a news service, a bulletin board, events calendar, discussion forum and links.

  • Development Gateway Portal

    24 May 2002

    This portal seeks to facilitate access to information and knowledge on development and poverty reduction and provides a space where people can share experiences.

  • IIED - Sustainable Markets

    22 May 2002

    This programme launched by the International Institute for Environment and Development seeks to promote practical ways of making international trade and global consumption serve the goals of sustainable development.

  • Third World Network

    22 May 2002

    TWN, based in Malaysia, is an international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South relations. Its website contains a wealth of information on trade, environment, human and women's rights issues, from a broad developing world perspective. It also includes publications, papers, action alerts and UN statements.

  • GreenMatters

    22 January 2002

    GreenMatters is an environmental education and activism site designed as the "The Busy Person's Guide to Greener Livingâ„¢ ". This practical e-guide contains tools and resources to help those whose wish to have a greener lifestyle, including information on green lifestyle, green shopping, eco-tips, articles, action alerts, books and links.

  • Population Reports - JHUCCP

    9 January 2002

    Population Reports is an international review journal of important issues in population, family planning and related health matters. It is published four times a year in four languages by the Population Information Program at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Each issue is a comprehensive and up-to-date review of research and program developments on a specific topic in the broad field of reproductive health.

  • AIDSchannel.org

    6 December 2001

    Launched by OneWorld Africa in partnership with over 100 leading aid agencies, human rights and campaign groups worldwide. The site aims to promote under-standing, knowledge sharing and action on AIDS as a development, social, economic and human rights issue.

  • UN Human Development Report

    27 September 2001

    The annual Human Development Report published by the UN Development Programme contains several indices to measure different aspects of human development, including economic and educational performance, life expectancy, aid and debt, gender inequality, crime, demographic trends, poverty and more. A bible for those interested in all aspects of development.

  • Global Urban Indicators

    7 August 2001

    The Global Urban Indicators database has city profiles, urban databases and much more.

  • HORIZON Solutions

    13 July 2001

    The HORIZON Solutions site presents readily accessible answers to problems in environment, health, population and development. The site is a collaborative effort of HORIZON with UNDP, UNEP, UNFPA, Unicef, the International Development Research Centre, Yale University and HORIZON's colleagues as Harvard University.