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  • Indian state says it will learn from Pakistan

    26 January 2007

    The Madhya Pradesh government has been inspired from the most unlikely of places - Pakistan - to devise a family planning programme for the Muslim community based on a 'Pakistani model' that advocates use the religious texts and clerics for awareness campaign as well as the mosque to distribute contraceptives.

  • China eases the one-child policy

    25 January 2007

    Recent reports from official sources in China claim that the country's one-child policy has averted some 400 million births, but that China is still expected to add 200 million people to its population in the next 30 years. Now, the government has announced that the one-child policy will be seriously modified.

  • France celebrates baby boom

    18 January 2007

    France had more babies in 2006 than in any year in the past quarter century, capping a decade of rising fertility that has bucked Europe's greying trend, says a report in The Independent newspaper.

  • Pakistan mosques to preach family planning

    2 January 2007

    Mosques across Pakistan will soon distribute contraceptives and literature to spread awareness about the importance of family planning and safe sex.

  • Human footprint too big for nature

    24 October 2006

    The world's natural ecosystems are being degraded at a rate unprecedented in human history, according to a new report by the global conservation organisation WWF.

  • Population growth threatens East Asian coasts

    16 October 2006

    Growing populations and their migration to coastal areas, dynamic economic growth, and rising global demands for fishery and aquatic products have combined to exert tremendous pressure on East Asia's marine environment and coastal resources, according to a new UN report.

  • US population hits 300 million, but is it sustainable?

    11 October 2006

    The population of the United States passed 300 million in the middle of October. No one knows exactly where, no one know precisely when. It is a milestone for sure but is this a cause for celebration or anxiety?

  • Uganda heading for population explosion

    29 September 2006

    Within the next few decades, the east African nation of Uganda is likely to have the highest population growth in the world, according to a new report from the Washington-based Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

  • Wake-up call on forgotten world of female migrants

    6 September 2006

    Almost half the world's 191 million migrants, some 95 million of them, are women. But their vulnerability, their lack of human rights, and their huge contribution in remittances and useful work, has been largely hidden and ignored, says a powerful new United Nations report.

  • High birthrate threatens to trap Africa in cycle of poverty

    4 September 2006

    The exceptionally rapid increase in the population of many African countries threatens to undermine efforts to reduce poverty and to result in conflicts over land and other resources, according to a report from Xan Rice in Uganda, reproduced here from The Guardian.