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  • Women's empowerment helps society and environment

    12 September 2002

    Improving the status of women not only betters the lives of billions worldwide, but also creates many social and environmental benefits, reports a new study by the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute.

  • China's population 'on track'

    3 September 2002

    After conducting what was arguably the world's most ambitious census ever in November 2000, the Chinese Government has begun to release the results.

  • 'North American consumption rates are hurting the global environment'

    22 August 2002

    The United States' and Canada's success in improving their local environments has come at the expense of global natural resources and climate, says a report released by leading environment organisations.

  • New report reveals how population trends are affecting Asia's development

    6 August 2002

    Rebellious teenagers, polluted mega-cities, changing family values, an expanding HIV/AIDS epidemic, growing numbers of elderly and fluctuating economic growth. These are just a few of the trends in Asia today that are linked to dramatic changes in the size and structure of the region's population.

  • Iranian clerics trying to curb baby boom

    17 June 2002

    Having promoted a baby boom, Iran's religious leaders are now trying to curb it by discreetly touting vasectomies.

  • Women and children must have health priority

    6 June 2002

    Commonwealth countries are to give greater priority to women's and children's health in order to significantly reduce maternal, infant and child mortality and to achieve the development goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration of 2000.

  • Africa faces education drain due to HIV/AIDS

    24 May 2002

    Education could play a critical role in HIV/AIDS prevention but the pandemic's devastating impact threatens to derail any such efforts, the World Bank warns in a new report.

  • Middle East population set to double

    25 April 2002

    Despite projections showing a decrease in population growth, the Middle East region is expected to more than double its population to 649 million by 2050, according to a report compiled by the Population Resource Center (PRC).

  • Investing in Mothers

    18 April 2002

    'When mothers survive and thrive, children survive and thrive' is the message from the State of the World's Mother's Report 2001. Of all the factors studied, investment in safe motherhood programmes and education for girls and women are the most essential for better motherhood.

  • Turkish women gain marriage rights

    4 December 2001

    In an important break-through for women's rights, Turkey's Civil Code has been amended to give women more economic and decision-making rights within marriage.