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  • Greenpeace

    14 September 2000

    A must-visit site for all aspects of environmental concern, including renewable energy, the marine environment, forests, biodiversity, climate change and pollution and water. Greenpeace is one of the most pro-active environmental organisations.

  • IIED - Forestry and Land Use

    14 September 2000

    This programme carries out research into sustainable forestry and land use and contains examples of Policy that works for forests and people.

  • Soil Association

    14 September 2000

    A gateway to the world of organic farming. The UK-based Soil Association researches, develops and promotes sustainable relationships between the soil, plants, animals and the biosphere, in order to produce healthy food and other products while protecting and enhancing the environment.

  • US National Wildlife Federation

    8 September 2000

    The National Wildlife Federation is the nation's largest member-supported conservation group, uniting individuals, organizations, businesses and government to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment. Its website provides information on NWF's conservation efforts, education programmes and endangered wildlife. It also includes their magazine, a photo gallery, action campaigns and merchanise from their shop.

  • Population Action International (PAI)

    8 September 2000

    Population Action International (PAI) is a US-based advocacy group working to strengthen support worldwide for population programs, including family planning and related health services, and to advance educational and economic opportunities, especially for girls and women. Its website contains a wealth of information on various topics, including population, gender, reproductive health, economics and environment. In addition, it has a good collection of publications, links, fact sheets and video material.

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

    23 August 2000

    This US agency seeks to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment. It's website is a thorough resource on issues relating to human health and the environment. (On the hompage click on 'Browse EPA topics)

  • National Council for Science and the Environment

    13 August 2000

    link to this US-based organisation which seeks to improve the scientific basis for environmental decision-making.

  • Population Action International - Forests

    13 August 2000

    PAI's excellent site on population and forests.

  • Rainforest Action Network

    13 August 2000

    link to this action group which works to protect the earth's forests and the rights of their inhabitants.

  • Rainforest Alliance

    13 August 2000

    link to this action group dedicated to saving tropicals forests around the world through sustainable development.