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  • Amazon forest facing the axe

    19 February 2002

    Within a decade, there could be no more tropical rainforests to save, warns an American environmental researcher. The problem lies in the interactions between direct threats such as logging and mining, climate feedback that could bring far less rain to the remaining fragmented forests, and loss of essential species that help sustain the rainforest ecosystem.

  • 'Waria waria' tree turns to gold

    31 January 2002

    In the early 1990s, in order to understand more about the distribution and quality of the melaleuca tree and its oils, Australian scientists carried out surveys in the remote Western Province of Papua New Guinea. Now that research is looks like paying off for the local farmers, if it can be harvested sustainably.

  • Logging linked to forest fires, says new report

    21 January 2002

    Research in Indonesia has confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests, writes Hilary Mayell.

  • Mexico's forests falling fast

    18 January 2002

    A new study of satellite images shows that Mexico is losing forest cover almost twice as fast as previously estimated, making it the country with the second-highest deforestation rate in the world, according to Mexico's Environment Ministry.

  • Tropical forests still falling fast

    12 October 2001

    Tropical countries are losing their forests at a very high rate, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned in a new issue of the State of the World's Forests 2001.

  • Effort to save forests should target 15 countries

    5 September 2001

    A unique satellite-based survey of the planet's remaining closed forests, which include virgin, old growth and naturally-regenerated woodlands, has found that over 80 per cent are located in just 15 countries.

  • Ten companies can help save the world's forests

    24 April 2001

    If managed correctly, one-fifth of the world's forests could provide the industrial wood and wood fibre necessary to meet future needs, and just 10 companies can help make it happen, says a report by WWF, the conservation organisation.

  • Mahogany survival is under threat

    21 March 2001

    The lucrative trade in big-leafed mahogany threatens some of the world's most biologically diverse Amazonian rainforests, according to a recent report on the impact of the US mahogany business.

  • Almost half of Sweden's forests certified

    21 March 2001

    One million hectares - an area one-third the size of Belgium - of Swedish state-owned forests have been certified under the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). According to an announcement by WWF, this takes the percentage of Sweden's forested area certified by the FSC to 45 per cent, the highest rate in the world.

  • Helping local farmers save the forest

    21 March 2001

    In a bid to stem deforestation in the Petén, in northern Guatemala, the government has given five community organizations permission to sustainably log trees in their neighbouring forests over the next 25 years.