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  • Global protests mount over Tasmanian forest felling

    6 March 2006

    Demonstrators picketed Australian embassies and consulates in America, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom today to protest against the destruction of old-growth forests in the country's island state of Tasmania by Forestry Tasmania and Gunns, Ltd., a billion-dollar logging giant whose practices rank among the world's worst according to recent reports. The IUCN compares Gunns' operations to rampant illegal logging in the Third World.

  • Brazil expands Amazon national park

    19 February 2006

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Monday signed decrees expanding Amazon National Park and creating seven new environmental protected areas in the western part of Pará state, a region marked by land disputes and environmental devastation.

  • Victory for Canadian forest campaign

    9 February 2006

    A coalition of four leading environmental groups, along with industry leaders and indigenous groups, are celebrating success after a decade-long campaign to protect the globally unique Great Bear Rainforest, in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Oil and gas zones cover one-quarter of the Peruvian Amazon

    3 February 2006

    The Peruvian Amazon, a region that still holds some of the most pristine biodiverse rainforests on Earth, is facing an unprecedented wave of new oil and gas exploration.

  • Forest destruction fuels East Africa's drought

    17 January 2006

    Destruction of East Africa's forests and climate change, are among the causes of the drought which is biting across parts of East Africa threatening misery for millions of people and their livestock, says Klaus Toepfer, head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

  • Amazon drought could speed climate change

    23 October 2005

    The worst drought in 40 years now impacting parts of the Amazon rainforest, has led scientists to warn that this vast region could ultimately turn from a carbon sink into a carbon emitter, speeding rather than slowing climate change, according to a report in Nature magazine.

  • New report questions the link between felling and flooding

    17 October 2005

    While forests provide natural flood defences against runnoff, the massive flooding in Central America following Hurricane Stan earlier in October cannot be blamed on extensive deforestation, says a new UN report.

  • Ecuador stops Petrobras's oil road into biodiversity treasure

    19 September 2005

    Under heavy pressure from conservation groups and the indigenous Huaorani, the Ecuadorian Environment Ministry has temporarily stopped the Brazilian national oil company Petrobras from building an access road into Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve, located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

  • Soya spurs rape of Amazon rainforest

    6 June 2005

    With over 26,000 square kilometres lost last year - nearly the size of Belgium - the annual deforestation rate in the Amazon has again increased and is at its second highest ever, according to official figures released in Brazilia.

  • Japan EXPO ignores forest catastrophe

    26 May 2005

    Finding a balance between nature, technology and culture is the theme of the world exhibition, EXPO 2005, which opened in Japan earlier this year. In reality it is about technology and the economy, with little regard to Japan's huge appetite for tropical timber which is driving the illegal logging catastrophe in many third world countries.