Clean up the world this weekend

Posted: 19 September 2008

For the first time, communities worldwide taking action to protect the environment as part of the Clean Up the World Weekend, 19-21 September, have the opportunity to plot their activities using a new online mapping function.

Developed with the support of Google,the new website gives participating groups the chance to profile and share their environmental activities as part of the Weekend and the year-round campaign.

The Australian founder and chairman of the campaign, Ian Kiernan said many of this year's Clean Up the World Weekend activities will be focused on limiting the impacts of climate changes under the campaign's theme 'Start today..Save tomorrow - Clean Up Our Climate'.

"Tens of millions of people around the world taking simple actions is the perfect first step towards protecting the Earth for our future generations," Mr Kiernan said.

"All over the world people are seeing the devastating effects of climate change. Clean Up the World provides every person and every community with the opportunity to do something about it."

"Now, thanks to Clean Up the World's use of Google Maps, we have the tool to visually show the extent of environmental action being undertaken around the world and motivate new communities to get involved in the campaign."