Environmental managers dismiss 'mad' power station

Posted: 4 August 2008

As a week-long Climate Camp protest gets under way at Kingsnorth in Kent, British environmental managers are demanding to know how a government committed to tackling climate change can sanction the building of coal-fired power station there, which will emit around eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

In a statement issued today the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmetnal Managers (CIWEM) says coal is responsible for 25 per cent of global carbon emissions and that a new generation of coal-fired power stations will guarantee runaway climate change and render the UK Government's much-lauded Climate Change Bill meaningless.

"Disingenuous attempts by energy companies to persuade ministers that new technology renders coal a clean and sustainable energy source are just greenwash" it says. "'Clean coal' is like 'friendly fire.' Coal is dirty, finite and will add to the burden of carbon emissions which this Government has committed to cutting."

As a supporter of the Climate Camp which takes place in on 3rd - 11th August, CIWEM says it "champions their belief that we have the power to transform our communities, challenge the power structures that prevent real action from taking place and bring about the profound and systemic changes to the fossil-fuelled growth model that is bringing us to the brink of ecological catastrophe."

Nick Reeves, CIWEM Executive Director adds: "If Kingsnorth is allowed to go ahead, we will know that the Government cannot be trusted with environmental policy or action on climate change. Along with plans for airport expansion, energy from coal is yet another barmy idea that has no basis in science fact or common sense. As the organisers of the Climate Camp protest say, 'how stupid can you be'?"

Note: The Climate Camp website is at http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/home