UK to set annual CO2 emissions target

Posted: 18 February 2008

Hilary Benn, UK Secretary of State for the Environment, has announced that the Government will set an annual target range for reductions of CO2 emissions, in an effort to combat climate change. He also said the Climate Change Committee would be asked to consider whether the 2050 target should be tightened up to 80 per cent.

Environmental pressure groups have been campaigning for annual targets to be included in the Law as a way of ensuring that the UK stays on track to meet its long-term targets.

Welcoming the announcement, Martyn Williams,from Friends of the Earth, said "it has brought us one step closer to a stronger and more effective climate law. We now hope that the Government will go all the way and make an upfront commitment to cutting emissions by at least eighty per cent and ensure the law covers all emissions - including the UK's share of emissions from international shipping and aviation."

FOE wants emissions to be cut by at least 3 per cent a year to ensure the UK stays on track.

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